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Apple Samgyupsal, Jaya One

Korean BBQ. You try one, you’ve tried it all, right? WRONG. Apple Samgyupsal at Jaya One is unlike its competitors. The new Korean BBQ place offers delicious street food beyond its meaty goodness.

What’s so special about Apple Samgyupsal? First, it’s about the premium cuts that this Korean BBQ place offers. Rather than the typical cuts you get, you get more premium, delicious cuts here. Though we weren’t told exactly what these premium cuts were, the flavours in the meat attested to the claim. The cuts were a lot juicier and tender than we’ve tried at any other place.

One of the most interesting dishes we had that evening was the jumeok-bap (RM25). This is honestly one of the best rice ball dishes we’ve tried in Malaysia. The rice, mixed with minced pork and seaweed were packed full of flavour and we just couldn’t get enough!

The must try meat cuts here are the wang galbi (RM32), which is a pork rib platter marinated to perfection. Get the staff to cook the meat for you - they’re EXPERTS at this and you’ll absolutely enjoy it to the fullest.

Another dish worth trying is the bulgogi (RM29). If you’re a fan of beef, this will certainly blow your mind. Apple Samgyupsal does this perfectly as well. Eat any of the barbecued meats with the apple slices provided and it’ll be the perfect pairing!

Something worth mentioning is Apple Samgyupsal’s homemade pork sausage. We don’t often find places that offer sausage, especially the artisanal kind, for Korean BBQ. The pork sausage is one of the most delicious ones we’ve ever tried and it tastes absolutely stunning after being cooked on the grill. You won’t be able to stop at just one!

If you have the chance to try the drinks here, you shouldn’t hesitate. The apple makgeolli and apple soju (RM28) jugs are delicious! It’s a little dangerous because it’s so yummy and you’ll be tempted to down the whole jug on your own, only realising the alcohol content later on! Overall, the experience at Apple Samgyupsal is one of fun and enjoyment. Our tip is to enjoy your meal outdoors as indoors might be a little smoky. Apple Samgyupsal @ Jaya One G08,09,10 The Square Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya 46200 Selangor Open daily from 5PM to 2AM

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