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Aomori Fair @ Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Japanese cuisine is intricate, meticulous and has a wide variety of dishes and flavour profiles depending which region its from. Last year, Sun with Moon launched the Aomori fair and had an overwhelming response from the Singapore publicans, hence they have brought if back for the 2nd time showcasing its best regional delicacies. The star of this year's menu is the Apios Americana - a legume plant with edible tubers that is one for the top 3 superfoods in the world! Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe has collaborated with Aomori City Council and Mutsu City Council in Japan to bring in the freshest produce to Singapore.

Before the meal started we had a delicious cocktail entitled ‘Ringoginny’ ($9.80) which is crafted with a Japanese Roku Gin, Apple liqueur, Apple Blue syrup, Green Apple syrup, lemon juice topped with tonic water. If you are looking for something refreshing and sweet, then this will be the perfect drink for you.

Here are some of the dishes below we tasted that is part of the seasonal menu.

We started with the Apios Bacon Cream Cheese Yaki ($13.80) which consist of sliced apios and bacon topped with cream cheese and grilled on the top for a rich melty crust. This must be eaten immediately once it reaches the table as it is best consumed hot, and no doubt it was the best starter for the evening.

I have a tendency to order sushi rolls every time I have Japanese and this Sujiko Avocado Salmon Oyako Roll ($21.80) was absolutely delicious! This is served with Aomori’s brined salmon roe sac accompanied with fresh salmon sashimi and avocado.

Moving on we tasted the Mutenka Yaki-Chikuwa Cheese Buta Roll Yaki ($11.80). This dish is a household staple and a favourite amongst many, the chikuwa is a well-loved Japanese cake named after its cooking method with a grilled sliced pork wrapped around in a bamboo ring. Unfortunately the filling of the melted cheesy center was not filled to the top when this dish was served to us. It was a let down but it would have certainly tasted better if there was cheese.

Another starter worth trying is Hirosaki Ika Menchi ($12.80), deep fried mince squid, cabbage and carrot balls that originate from the Hirosaki region of Aomori. It is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The lemon juice squeezed on top brings the flavours together.

If you are a fan of pork belly, we recommend that you give the Butabara Steak with Kuro Ichigo Jam ($18.80) a go! Thick cuts of tender juicy grilled pork belly is served on a cast iron skillet with a side of Aomori’s exclusive black strawberry jam. The sweetness of the jam complemented the meat very well, it also tasted very festive and Christmasy!

Mutsu Bay & Salmon Ringo Oroshi Nabe ($23.80) comes as a sukiyaki hotpot loaded with ingredients directly from Mutsu Bay - the mixing of both warm and cold currents in the bay provides the ideal grounds for the freshest seafood all year round. In this dish you will find scallops and salmon complemented with mushrooms, silken tofu and vegetables. Do note that the broth is on the sweeter side and perfect for sharing!

The final dish for the night was Mutsu Bay Hotate with Salmon Belly Teriyaki Kamameshi & Shijimi Ramen Set ($41.80). The Mutsu bay scallops and teriyaki salmon belly are plated on top of the flavoured steamed rice. The best way to eat this is to mix it all together in the bowl. A clear hot broth is prepared on the side which can be poured into the rice dish which is recommended. The umami flavour is really distinct and the seafood is very fresh.

This is also served with Aomori’s Yamato Shimiji clams ramen with clam soup stock and topped with green onion, seaweed and a half boiled egg. The broth is clear and the noodles are cooked perfectly, a good side dish with the set meal.

The set also comes with a Tonami-ga-oka Farm Lact-ice cream topped with a caramelised apple jam, something sweet to end the meal, Also available to order as an a la carte for ($6.80)

We ended the night with Aomori Chestnut Baumkuchen with Lact-Ice cream ($10.80) this is a layered cake made with the region’s finest chestnuts and a mixture of rice and wheat flour. However the cake was not as moist as promised, leaning towards the dry side.

Overall we had a fantastic time trying the latest Aomori Fair menu specially curated by Executive Chef Mr Toshio Sawai who is extremely experienced in Japan and throughout Singapore. This menu is running for a limited time from now up till early January. We recommend that you make a reservation before dining at the restaurant as it gets quite busy. Come and taste Aomori’s rich produce only at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe

501 Orchard Road #03-15 Wheelock Place,

Singapore 238880

Reservations: (+65) 6733 6636 / Reserve Here

Operating Hours:

Sunday - Thursday & PH: 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH: 12:00pm - 10:30pm

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