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Alison Soup House, TTDI

This new soup house located in TTDI has fast become one of my default go-to spots for meals - be it lunch or dinner. Alison Soup House is a pet-friendly soup shop that serves some of the heartiest Chinese soups we have ever sampled.

The cafe is located on the second floor at the TTDI square of shophouses. Alison Soup House is just above the mini market - same row as McDonald's.

The house pet is Spikey - a mild tempered white poodle that barks upon arrival to let its owners know that customers are at the door. The glass door is kept locked, for good reason, so no one accidentally walks in, keeps the door open and lets the dogs out.

Upon our first visit here at Alison Soup House, we were treated to three different types of soup. The first soup is a spicy drunken pork broth (RM19.90). This soup is suited for those who love spiciness in every dish.

However, we found ourselves a lot more attracted to their non-spicy soups. Easily my favourite of the three (and the soup that I always order when I go back there) is the 7 Treasure Herbal soup (RM20.90). For the price, you will definitely be getting your money's worth with the amount of ingredients put into the soup. There is a generous helping of meat and plenty of "liu" to keep your hungry tummy full for hours! And yes, I work out a lot and this kept me full for well over 7 hours!

Another favourite of ours here is the honey dates ABC soup (RM19.90). it's just like how mum cooks it (except better! - shhh, don't tell mum). The hearty broth base here for all their soups are slow cooked for 15 hours until all the nutritious elements from the bones of the pork is drained out of it. In fact, according to Alicia, the owner, the bones often dissolve because of the long cooking time, giving every sip of this soup such a rice flavour.

Every soup comes with a really generous serving of pork, but if it's still not enough for you, you can add on more for only RM8!

Overall, our experience at Alison Soup House was an amazing one. We loved it so much, we keep going back for more! Alison Soup House has a weekday lunch special for only RM16.90. Get a bowl of soup plus a herbal tea for selected soups.

They also serve desserts here like bubur cha cha, which is just as good as their mains. Do pop by to check it our for yourself. And if your furbabies are hungry, Alison Soup House also has its Doggies' Specials where you can order your precious little one a broth for only RM6 or other dishes too.

Alison Soup House TTDI

6A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Open Tuesday to Friday: 11AM-3:30PM; 5:30PM-10PM

Saturday and Sunday: 11AM - 10PM

Closed on Monday

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