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Alan Yau launches Madame Fan at re-opening of NCO Club

Thinking of a new and elegant place to have an event, or enjoy a night out in the town with your friends? Why not check out Alan Yau's very first Southeast Asian venture 'Madame Fan', which launched in conjunction with the re-opening of Singapore's Iconic NCO Club 23 April. Come check out the latest and upcoming entertainment lifestyle destination in Singapore!

The launch of Madame Fan is the first of four eclectic concepts marking the re-opening of Singapore’s iconic NCO Club as an entertainment lifestyle destination. You can head to the lounge bar and admire the chic-like interior, while enjoying a couple of cocktails.

At Madame Fan, you can expect a etiquette-free lifestyle dining concept that aims to change the scene of Chinese dining by making it a prestigious and favourite culinary destination.

The restaurant is a mix of Singapore’s colonial heritage, with a modern but authentic take on Chinese cuisine. The 467 square-metre, 222-seater restaurant will debut an a relaxed, and carefree lifestyle dining experience. Enjoy an all new and unique dining experience made up of traditions and concepts of current European dining standards.

If you are looking to hold a private event for evening of celebration, Madame Fan has got you covered. Take a look at their elegant and prestigious private room! Perfect for gatherings and birthday dinners.

How about the VIP room? Look at the authentic yet modern interior. Great for all occasions!

Madame Fan brings the concept of tradition values through craft, service and ambience. You can definitely expect an experiential gourmet journey! At Madame Fan, table orders are presented as sharing plates comprising of multiple courses perfect for sharing amongst friends and family.

The five house specialty dishes of Madame Fan, Chinese favourites along with classic dim sum selections, will include:

There's the Double Boiled Four Treasure Soup with Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Dried Scallop and Crabmeat and dig your way into the coconut to taste all the flavours of the seafood with the delicious creamy treasure soup. Talk about eating like a Royal!

Next is the Drunken Crab Rice Noodle with 20 Year-Old Gu Yue Long Shan Rice Wine. Just look at the crab and how vibrant and juicy it looks!

Bringing a traditional Chinese dish to the table, the Steamed Soon Hock with Ipoh Soy and Spring Onion is sure to satisfy those taste buds.

Look at the Handcut Taiwan noodle, Wind Dried Pork with La La clams! It might look simple but, it's quite a sophisticated dish to try!

And finally, something traditional and everyone's favourite -- Lobster Cantonese with Ginger, Spring Onion and Wonton Noodle. Simply irresistible!

For lunch time, bring family and friends to indulge in the classic and traditional assortment of dim sum.

Together with Madame Fan, there are other 3 eclectic concepts marking the re-opening of Singapore’s iconic NCO Club which are:

Fish Pool – A prestigious and classy champagne, caviar and oyster bar in collaboration with Louis Roederer, embellished with a diving pool showpiece. With captivating festive performances to turn the energy up a notch, Fish Pool will be the rendezvous for the city’s most glamorous events.

Stags’ Room – An intimate wine room featuring a reserve of vintage and exclusive wines from America and Australia in partnership with Stags’ Leap and Penfolds. The lush lounge recreates a private estate experience, signature to the tradition of grand hospitality from the estate founders at Stags’ Leap.Talk about being swept away to the vineyards of America and Australia!

Cool Cats – A modern and hip speakeasy concept with live music venue that will refresh Singapore’s cocktail scene with an edge of entertainment featuring guest acts from both local and international music circuits.

Madame Fan, Fish Pool, Stags’ Room will open to public on 23 April 2018, while Cool Cats is slated to launch in early June 2018.

On the third level of The NCO Club is a unique for-hire events venue, The Britannia Room spanning 72 square metres and hosting a capacity of up to 50 people.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next party or event with your friends and family, bring them to enjoy the ultimate entertainment lifestyle destination.

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