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Accento Cafe, Finnieston

Photo by Samad | Facade of Accento Cafe

Nestled in a tiny corner of Finnieston in West End Glasgow, lies a nook occupied by a cosy and homely Sardinian cafe known as Accento Cafe. From the Mediterranean island of Sardinia in Italy to the chilly metropolis of Glasgow, Scotland, this comfy space was opened by a family of Sardinians wanting to bring their tradition, food and personalities to the locals of the city.

Upon entering the small cafe, you're surrounded by all kinds of authentic Italian goodies and products; from coffee to pasta, from pesto to biscuits, Accento Cafe has more to offer than most cafes around!

Photo by Samad | The Accento Cafe counter

Francesca, the head baker at Accento Cafe, along with Riccardo, partner and husband, both bake the breads, cakes and pastries in-house every single day for patrons to enjoy! Their desserts change pretty much every day, depending on what Francesca feels like making.

Photo by Accento Cafe | Ciabatta bread made fresh everyday for their panini.

Photo by Samad | Ale, busy making cappuccinos

Alessandra, sister of Francesca, is in charge of the front of the house and all the coffee needs of customers coming in for their daily dose of caffeine.

I think that Accento Cafe is probably one of my favourite spots in Glasgow for good white coffee. I'm a bit biased though as I only prefer Italian style coffees (which is the real way of making a cuppa mind you. I mean, the Italians DID invent it) so my go-to spot for a perfect Caffe Latte is always here!

Photo by Samad | Caffe Latte (£2.20 for regular size and £2.40 for large size)

Accento Cafe is known for 3 things, their coffee, their pastries and their panini. A panino is a sandwich made with Italian bread and served toasted. Panini (the plural for panino) is a common type of lunch time food in Italy, especially if you're a working person looking for an affordable meal but you're also hustling and on-the-go.

Accento Cafe's panini, which are named after people that the owners love, are an absolute crowd favourite! If you're there during lunch time, the cafe is usually packed with customers ordering their lunches. The ingredients in their panini are amazing too because they consist of Italian meats and cheeses! YUMMY. For example, Laura (£3.95) has mortadella, cherry tomatoes and provolone cheese in it, while Maria (£3.95) has Italian ham, mushrooms and provolone cheese. They have a whole range of panini you can try!

BUT their most popular panini is the BIG FRANCO (£3.95), also named after a person they love -- their beloved father. The Big Franco consists of the traditional Italian chicken Milanese which is a tender chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs and fried, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade mayonnaise. The Big Franco is so popular that this panino has branched out into a family of other Francos!

Within the Franco family of panini, there are also other options like the King Franco, which consists of Italian chicken Milanese, caramelised red onions, Italian spicy salami, gorgonzola cheese, provola cheese and mayonnaise. Again, PLENTY for you to try to don't feel shy and ask for recommendations based on your preferences!

Below is a photo of the Spicy Franco (£5.25), which is made of the same ingredients as the Big Franco with the addition of Italian spicy salami and provola cheese - my absolute favourite!

Another awesome thing to take note of is that Accento Cafe offers a lunch time meal deal from 12pm to 3pm every day which consists of a classic panino and a soup of a day OR a drink (coffee, water or can drink) for only £5.00! What a steal!

Photo by Samad | Spicy Franco (£5.25)

Photo by Samad | On the table, a strawberry chocolate cake (cakes from £2.90), Caffe Latte (£2.20), panino and soup of the day, tomato soup (soup of the day served with bread and butter £2.95)

I'd like to remind everyone again that the team at Accento Cafe prepare all of their bread, cakes and pastries in-house, in their kitchen (located in the basement). For a team of 3 to be preparing different baked good every single day is extremely impressive.

I've tried a lot of their creations but the one that stands out the most to me is the tiramisu (£3.95), not only because I'm a complete snob and am incredibly picky with my tiramisu choices, but also because the tiramisu from Accento Cafe is absolute divine!

You know when you're having that craving for some dessert that's creamy but light, sweet but not dense? Well their tiramisu is exactly that and it ALWAYS hits the spot for me. Some big no-no's for tiramisu are when the cream is too thick and heavy or too sweet, in too much of a big portion, and when people soak the savoiardi biscuits too long into the rum coffee which causes an imbalance of flavour, or when they don't even use savoiardi biscuits in the first place! None of that tea biscuit malarkey please! You won't find those mistakes made by Accento Cafe!

Photo by Samad | Tiramisu (£3.95)

If you're unlike me and not a big fan of tiramisu, don't fret! They have other amazing options for cakes and pastries for you to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. They make many different types of baked goods ranging from cakes to cannoli! You're sure to find something you love here. Definitely give their Italian baked goods a try, especially if you want a taste of Italy.

Photo by Accento Cafe | Rich chocolate brownies (£2.40)

Photo by Accento Cafe | Sardinian amaretti with almonds in the centre (£1.50)

Photo by Samad | Cannoncini with nutella filling (pastries from £2.20)

Photo by Samad | Cheesecake with chocolate chips (cakes from £2.90)

Accento Cafe is a lovely, unpretentious independent family business offering you authentic Sardinian Italian homemade meals at affordable prices. The cafe is quaint and located in the hippest area in Glasgow, the food and drinks are delightfully tasty and the humble people who run the business are so welcoming and friendly, you'd naturally feel as though you're part of their family!

Accento Cafe

6 Claremont St,

Glasgow, G3 7HA


United Kingdom

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday | 8AM - 4PM

Saturday | 9AM - 4PM

Sunday | CLOSED

Phone number:








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