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A Pie Thing, Damansara Uptown

A Pie Thing has been up in Uptown Damansara for a few years now. Its eye-catching signboard will be sure to grab your attention. When it first opened, lines formed and they would sell out 400 pies a day! Now, a few years later, though the hype has died down, the pies have maintained its quality and the owners continue to innovate to come up with new flavours for both their savoury and sweet pies.

We came by for tea but ate enough to keep us full for the rest of the day. We had four of their most popular pies (two savoury and two sweet).

First up, we had the Pulled Lamb Pie (RM17.90) topped with mashed potatoes, mashed peas and their brown sauce gravy. This really reminded us of shepherd's pie. I loved this pie and it was my favourite one out of the two savoury pies. I could be a little biased cause I do love the unbeatable combination of lamb and mashed potatoes.

This other savoury pie gave my taste buds a pleasant surprise. An east meets west kind of pie, the Kamikaze (RM17.90) was amazing! Like I mentioned before, the owners have really outdone themselves with constantly thinking up interesting new pies and this is one of them.

This pie is a perfect marriage of Japanese curry chicken topped with mashed potatoes, delicious cheese gravy and best of all, bonito flakes!!! This pie is seasonal and we're not too sure when this will be taken off the menu but make sure you have a taste of this before it bids you sayonara!

And of course, hello sweet dessert pies! This was my favourite one out of the two dessert pies. And coming from someone who doesn't typically like chocolate, I found that I could brush my dislike for chocolate aside for the Smores pie (RM10.50) is a must try!

This dark chocolate pie is topped with marshmallows, then toasted till the marshmallows are CRISPY! Just the way smores are meant to be!

Calling all chocolate lovers! This Chocolate Fudge Pie is the one for you. Personally, since I'm not a big chocolate fan, this pie was a little to jelak (heavy) for me. I found myself struggling to eat just half of the pie. But nonetheless, it was super chocolatey and anyone who has a penchant for cocoa will find heaven in this pie.

We decided to try a few drinks too. On the left is the perfect drink for a rainy day, which by the way, it actually rained when I was there. So, the Cloudy with a Chance of Marshmallow was the perfect comfort drink during the wet weather. Made with Callebaut chocolate and topped with gooey and soft marshmallows, this complimented the Smores pie for an overload of marshmallows.

On the right is an iced cold Green Tea latte. This would have been more enjoyable if the weather was warmer that day, but it was a good combo with the Kamikaze Pie to create a nice Asian fusion meal.

A Pie Thing

128G, Jalan SS21/35,

Damansara Utama

47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Open Tues - Sun from 12PM-11PM Closed on Mondays

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