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Cik Manis DIY Dessert Review, Kuala Lumpur

Cooking up Malaysian Chinese desserts is a tedious task for me, especially since making them from scratch involves a handful of ingredients and many different variations which can get confusing at times. Cik Manis has got that all sorted with individual DIY packs that can be sent straight to your doorstep with very straightforward cooking instructions.

These desserts are individually packed in a sealed bag for (RM15) each and serve 3-5 people. Be prepared to watch the stove as it will take a bit more than an hour to prepare each dessert as it involves stirring occasionally. Do note that some ingredients need to be pre-soaked in water for 30 mins - 24 hours. All these packs include natural ingredients with no added preservatives.

First up we have Lin Chee Kang which is their best seller. Ingredients include white fungus, lotus seeds, dried longan, red dates, pandan leaf, dried winter melons, basil seeds and rock sugar. This was absolutely delicious and the texture of the white fungus really gave this dessert a good balance.

Next up, a chilled Agar-Agar, Barley and Raisins dessert that can be served in a highball glass with ice or traditionally in a bowl. Very refreshing especially on a hot sunny day and trust me you will definitely go back for seconds!

The last dessert I whipped up was Sea Birds Nest ( Seasonal Coral Grass), Red Dates and Dry Longan. The coral grass is not everyone's cup of tea however it does become translucent and very soft once it is has boiled on low heat for about 40 mins - 60 mins. Do note that the coral grass needs to be soaked in water for 24 hrs in advance.

Overall the desserts were delicious and I believe it has natural healing properties which are good for your health. The best part is that you can adjust the sugar levels depending on your preference. There are a few other choices available in their dessert range! For more information WhatsApp +6016-6773618 or find Cik Manis at your nearest Jaya Grocer supermarket.

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