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5 Off the Beaten Track Places You Have to Visit in Western Australia

Despite it being a fair few weeks since we've come home from Western Australia, not a day goes by that I do not think of all the amazing foods we had there. But consumables aside, WA has more to offer than just great eating experiences.

1) Yeagurup Dunes

The Yeagurup Dunes was my absolute favourite location. Imagine riding a (super bumpy) 4-wheeled drive through a dense forest, with towering Karri trees and the slimmest of tracks, only for it to open up to the largest expanse of sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. The beautiful, white, soft sand had been carried by the wind over hundreds of years from the nearest beach, and they swallow up the nearby forests at the rate of 2km per year. A wonderful and new experience of what nature can do, and the changes it can bring.

2) Albany Wind Farms

I have only ever seen windmills from afar, majority of the time through the windows of an airplane. Hence, this was my first experience seeing these giants up close, something I did not anticipate being excited about, but ended up enjoying immensely. The 18 turbines are enough to power 80% of Albany, and the landscape of which they stood, was a stark contrast against the greenery, which made for an astoundingly beautiful sight.

3) Walpole

I'm not entirely sure where exactly on Walpole we were, because we were taken around the Nornalup Inlets Marine Park and Nuyts Wilderness by WOW Wilderness EcoCruises. It was an incredibly educational trip, and our tour guide was the best tour guide ever! Partway through our 2-hour boat trip, we stopped at an island, and trekked through it to get to this absolutely wonderful, yet completely secluded beach. This is the birth area of 'The Right', the heaviest wave in the region. I've been to beaches in many continents of the world, and this is easily tops most, if not all of them.

4) Gloucester National Park

How often can you climb a 53m tree? Despite having visited a number of National Parks, I have definitely never done so. Look at the first image close enough and you can make out the rigid metal rods that have been drilled into this Karri tree, allowing guests to make the climb all the way up. And in the second image, you can see a tree house built at the very top of the tree.

Originally constructed as a way for firemen to climb up in order to see the progress of incoming forest fires, this climb offers guests a true tree-top experience, and to witness what "trees for as far as the eye can see" really means.

4) Fremantle

This quaint, adorable, and beautiful city is a must-visit for anyone intending to go to Western Australia. Since you are likely to be flying in to and out of Perth, Fremantle is naught but an easy train or short car ride away from the capital city. Known for their incredible street art and devotion to locally produced goods and foods, Fremantle has become one of my favourite cities in the world. With great coffee, friendly patrons, and many adventures to be had on their walkways, Fremantle is really, truly, something else.

Not just that! Fremantle is pretty close to the waters, so you'd be able to find fresh seafood sold all around the area. Word is that the fish and chips around are a must-try!

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