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A Taste of Japan @ The Town, The Fullerton Hotel

From now till 28 April 2019, quickly make your way to The Fullerton Hotel’s The Town for some exquisite and super authentic Japanese food.

On top of their usual buffet, The Town has extended its buffet offering to include sashimi, sushi, tempura, beef teppanyaki, alongside some Japanese sweets and wholesome specialities flown straight in from Okinawa.

Japan’s Okinawa Perfecture is famous for its pristine beaches, underwater world and incredible produce. Here, you’ll get to try some of the famous produce from Okinawa, such as the Goya Chanpuru (Okinawa Bitter Gourd), Kablha (Grilled Okinawa Pumpkin), Chikuzeni (Chicken with Lotus Root), Mozuku (Seaweed), Mizuna (Mustard Leaf), Pineapple and Okinawa Nasu (Eggplant) with Dashi Broth.

Don’t forget to check out the live station, serving up Teppan Beef with Garlic, Goma, Ponzu Dressing paired with Assorted Vegetables and Mushrooms.

There's also the tempura station featuring all varieties of delicate, tempura-battered prawns, sweet potato, pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms and Japanese green peppers, better known as shishito.

For mains, be spoilt for choice with dishes such as Japanese Ramen, Fried Udon, Grilled Buta Niku Pork Belly with Miso, Yakiniku Sliced Pork, Anago Yanagawa and Japanese Style Unagi Pizza.

Try to save some space for dessert and try the Dorayaki (Japanese Pancake), Mochi, Yokan (Red Bean Jelly), Japanese Sponge Cheese Cake and Sakura Cherry Blossom Ice Cream, all of which are guaranteed to spark joy! *Ching*

Not forgetting, you can also find Japanese wine (sake) and beer here. Just top up a little extra and you’d get to enjoy them!

At only $59 per adult and $30 per child on Sundays to Thursdays; and $85 per adult and $43 per child on Fridays and Saturdays, hurry and make your way down now!

The Town

The Fullerton Singapore

1 Fullerton Square,

Singapore 049178

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