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Santai @Genting Premium Outlet

Often, when you think about going to Genting Premium Outlet, it’s all about shopping, but hey, shopping will get us hungry too. And what should you eat when you’re hungry after a long shopping spree? The next time you’re faced with this decision, try Santai to get your asian food fix from breakfast to dinner.

Minion Bun (Salted Egg Yolk Bun)

From light snacks to heavy meals, Santai has it all. Like this adorable Minion Bun. The Minion Bun is basically is a Salted Egg Yolk Bun.

BBQ Chicken Bun

They also have BBQ chicken bun, which is delicious and the warm bun is exactly what we need when the weather is cooling outside!

Sichuan Dumpling Noodle

After some dim sum breakfast we tried heavier dishes, like the Sichuan Dumpling Noodle. By first look, you might think that the dish is a very spicy dish but after you try it, you’ll realise that the spiciness is actually very manageable. The Sichuan soup together with the Dumpling is a very good combination.

Braised Meat Rice

We then continued our food journey by having their recommended Braised Meat Rice. This comes with a bowl of miso soup as a side. This is absolutely delicious and great for one person to enjoy.

Curry Chicken

If you would like to have just something a little more filling, you could give their curry chicken a try. It’s a little spicy with a hint of lemongrass aroma to whet your appetite. Usually we pair curry chicken with white bread or with rice but I would like to recommend you to pair it with their bbq chicken bun. Yes, it is a different experience then the usual combination. But this is an experience that will challenge your preconceived notions about food and evolve your palate to reach greater heights!

Besides food, if you would like some dessert you can order their Tong Shui (chinese style dessert) too.

No matter whether you are trying to get a light snack or have a full meal, Santai is definitely a great place to rest and fill your belly after a long shopping. Overall, the experience in Santai is very much enjoyable and suitable for those seeking a pork free foodie experience.

Get your discount off the bill using the code "FoodiesSantai10%"

With terms and Condition apply:

1. Guest must present this discount code to the server upon ordering.

2. The guest are entitle for 10% discount on all menu except for promotion and offer items.

3. Valid from 1 August 2018 - 31 October 2018. Except for public holidays eve, public holidays and school holidays.

Located in Food Street Genting Premium Outlets


Suite 1508,

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets,

KM13, Genting Highlands Resort,

Pahang, Genting Highlands, 69000

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