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Letsgetwise Scam: Bloggers Beware!

We got an odd email today (read below). My first instinct told me it was a scam. But I didn’t want to assume off the bat. So I did some quick research.

The email promises $100 paid through PayPal just for posting an article on our website. Sounds easy enough? Hilarious that people would even think bloggers make such easy money.

Newsflash — we don’t. We work hella hard and in cases such as ours, we don’t even make a cent from our work most of the time. We live on passion and free food, full disclaimer.

Anyway, I just did a quick search of the company based off the email they sent. And this is what I found.

It’s ridiculous that #1, they boast about wanting to introduce a team. Yet show these graphics as “pictures”.

#2, the “woman” who emailed me is Elise Norman, yet no such name exists on their site. The closest I got was Elise Naylor.

So many red flags.

I read through other posts online that the company will actually send a shitty draft relevant to your content for you to publish, then ask for your PayPal details to input.

Then later on after they “send” you the payment, they will retract it and an email will be sent to you asking you to input your username and password.

This is where the scammers will gain your information to drain your account.

Thankfully, I can spot a scam a mile away with my eyes closed but others may not be so lucky, which is why I am sharing this post.

Be safe, bloggers. There’s no such thing as easy money!

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