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Dockyard Social, Finnieston

Photo by Samad | Dockyard Social interior

Hey ho! The food Gods have finally answered my prayers! Glasgow's food scene is becoming so big and lively, it makes me weep tears of joy! Yay! Coming from Malaysia, the idea that Glasgow is opening up more food street spaces fills me up with so much glee. So, this time, we visited Dockyard Social in Finnieston, one of the newest street food and bar spots in the West End of the city. The Dockyard Social is located right next to the Bike Station / Bike for Good and about 10 minutes walk away from Kelvingrove Museum. Upon arrival, you're introduced to a very hip and cool looking warehouse space! I'm loving the interior, with the painted walls, lights and exposed steel structures. The execution of the whole modern nautical vibe was great!

Photo by Samad | The bar!

So entrance into the Dockyard Social is £5 per person, and with this ticket comes a drink for the bar! They've got a pretty good selection of beers, liquors and wine. I went for a white wine because I had to stick to something light since it was still quite early in the day when I arrived. Also, the way the space works is you buy a food token thats worth £5 each, and use that to buy your dish. Every single dish (unless stated otherwise) in the Dockyard Social is only £5! If you're going with a group of friends, chances are you can have a great sharing session of everything they have to offer! Good deal in my opinion.

Photo by Samad | Wrap up cause it can get a bit cold.

Because the space is in a large warehouse, it is really cold! So be sure to be well insulated to enjoy your dining experience. There are heaters scattered around the space so be fast enough to congregate around those. But beyond that, be sure to dress properly and stay dry!

So I tried 2 dishes from 2 different street food establishments, while my other 2 foodie friends tried the 4 other dishes. So I had a falafel wrap from Freddy and Hicks and Pesto Power by the Naughty Italian, while my other 2 friends tried a fried chicken bao bun from Chompsky, waffle fries with 16hour cooked brisket by Abandon Chips, and Korelian Cullen Skunk and Lumb Shawarma by Ginger and Chilli. Reminder that each dish is only £5 each so in total, we spent £45 on food, drinks and entrance fee between the 3 of us!

Photo by Samad | Freddy and Hicks menu

Photo by Samad | The funky Chompsky food truck

Photo by Samad | The most adorable truck by Naughty Italian!

Photo by Samad | Freddy and Hicks Falafel

I really liked the falafel wrap by Freddy and Hicks. It's vegetarian dish (with gluten free and vegan options upon request) with a cauliflower and chickpea falafel in a flatbread with fried halloumi, pickled veg, lemon tahini mayo and fresh coriander. This is something light and delicious! I think I should have requested more mayo cause it was a little bit dry because of the size of the flatbread, however the flavours and textures were delightful and balanced. If you're feeling for something on the lighter and healthier side, definitely would recommend food from Freddy and Hicks!

Photo by Samad | Naughty Italian's Pesto Power

From The Naughty Italian, I ordered the Pesto Power which is a spinach and ricotta cheese tortellini smothered in a tangy homemade pesto! This was really good, especially since it was pretty cold that day. The richness of the ricotta pretty much warmed me up and just so you know, the pairing between ricotta and spinach is ALWAYS a win! The pasta of the tortellini was more on the al dente side, which is just the way I like it! But you perhaps don't like it this way, make sure you double check with them on how you'd prefer your pasta texture.

Photo by Samad | Selection of noms from Chompsky, Ginger and Chill and Abandon Chips

I tried my friend's dishes too! The Korelian Cullen Skunk by Ginger and Chilli was something pretty different as it was a different take on the traditional Scottish soup, the Cullen Skink. Perfect for warming you up, for sure! I liked it better than the shawarma, although it was still good. Meat was tender but relatively simple compared to the Cullen Skunk! The fried chicken bao bun from Chompsky was also delicious too. The chicken was moist on the inside but crunchy on the outside. I think it could've been more spicy but that's just my flavour preference for fried chicken. Still yum!

Though I really really liked the brisket on the waffle fries from Abandon Chip, however, I wasn't impressed with the fact that the waffle fries were cold. Granted they had to prep and be sure to have food to be served but, cold fries on a cold day was not the best experience... At least the brisket was yummy! Overall, I love Dockyard Social! It's a very funky and trendy place to be in. There are quite a few choices for food and I reckon they'd change it up every month. I like the idea of going with friends and sharing your meals with each other. It gives you the opportunity to try different foods and essentially support these independent food businesses! 2 thumbs up for Dockyard Social! Would definitely return. Please take note, this place is dog-friendly. They accept cards at the entrance so no need to worry about cash. It's about 20 minutes walk from Charing Cross Train Station. If you want to park your car, it'll have to be in a public parking space along the streets.

Dockyard Social

95-107 Haugh Rd, Glasgow G3 8TY

Opening Hours:

Dockyard Social is open every 2 weeks so please check website and social media for information on dates and times

Website: Facebook:



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