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New 2018 brunch menu at Alter Ego

Alter Ego holds a special place in my heart. I had such a good time the first time round, I’ve been back multiple times after. So when they released their new brunch menu, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It was a good mix of the familiar and unique, from classic brunch options, to lesser known alternatives, all with an Alter Ego twist.

Alter Ego’s Pokécado Toast is a simple yet ingenious idea of turning one of your signature dishes to fit a brunch menu. A sourdough toast topped with all your favourite poké ingredients, The Gochujang Effect ($17) was a personal favourite for its gochujang covered salmon chunks. Throw in some smashed avocado with lime, roasted cashews and cherry tomatoes and you get an excellent mix of flavours. For something milder, The Original Poké Shaker and Wasabi Yuzu Dragon (both $17) are there if you’re looking for something with a more classic brunch taste.

For something a bit familiar, Oh Sweet Benny! ($18) checks all the brunch boxes -- runny poached eggs and creamy avocado on top of a toasted bread. I loved the flaky and juicy homemade salmon cakes, and the sriracha hollandaise sauce gave the whole dish a nice spicy tinge.

There’s something about Eat Your Greens ($19) that I really like, and not just because I do love me some good vegetables. The dish being so “in your face” green it’s almost trying to look unappealing, but it was anything but. The sautéed kale and broccolini was crisp and savoury, which contrasted with the creamy avocado and poached eggs. If you love your vegetables as I do, give this a shot.

If I had to choose a favourite out of all the dishes I tried, Slappy Chicken and Cakes ($21) definitely takes the cake (I’ll see myself out!). Fried chicken on pancakes might not be for everyone, but everything about it just whets my appetite. The large piece of southern fried chicken was crispy and tender; the fluffy pandan pancakes were fragrant and sweet; and the sambal mayo and homemade gula melaka syrup perfectly sealed the deal. The impeccable blend of savoury and sweet was marvelous with every bite I took. I’ll be coming back for this as long as they have it on the menu.

On to something a little more uncommon, The Mandatory Shakshouka ($19). Shakshouka is a staple of North African and Arabian cuisine and it's an offbeat dish to include for brunch. The sweet tangy tomato base was incredibly appetising, with cumin and red peppers adding a smokey tinge of spice. It was a simple yet hearty dish, if you love a tomato base dish, you’ll find this very satisfying.

His Eggs En Cocotte ($17) is also a dish you don’t normally see on a brunch menu, but it has all the makings of a great brunch item. Having it with the bread soldiers was like dipping them in soft-boiled eggs, but with an added savoury hint of the gruyere. Just like the shakshouka, it’s a simple dish that evokes a warm hearty feeling.

And with all these savoury dishes, I was happy to wash it all down with something sweet. Alter Ego’s thickshakes were exactly that, thick! Every option had me drooling, but I couldn’t resist The Elvis ($10). Chocolate and peanut butter is probably one of my favourite combinations, so often with these shakes, it’s either too much chocolate or peanut butter. But The Elvis delivered the fantasy with just the right balance. Topped with marshmallow fluff, a smear of peanut butter on the rim and decked out with cookies, these indulgent shakes could be a whole meal on itself!

There’s a reason why Alter Ego was one of our favourite places to visit in 2017. It’s urban, contemporary ambience coupled with an individualistic and delectable menu and modest prices. It would seem Alter Ego can do no wrong in my book.

Esplanade Mall

8 Raffles Avenue


Singapore 039802

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm

Eve of PH & Friday : 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 1am Saturday: 11am to 1am Sunday: 11am to 11pm

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