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Tamoya Udon (Dry Series), Liang Court

Tamoya Udon has released a brand-new set of tossed udon series, not only are they delicious but they definitely fun to eat! We would definitely suggest coming together with your group of friends or family to see who can toss the ribbons of noodles the highest

We started out of the Oooh-mami Udon ($10.80). If you love seafood this is definitely for you, get ready for a burst of seafood the moment you bite into this udon. I highly recommend adding some tempura crumbs if the seafood flavours are overwhelming for you.

Up next, we went in for the Fried Onion Udon ($8.80), glazed with fresh spring onion oil, onions and shallot. This triple onion combo on top of a generous portion of pork totally hit the spot for me. I find the salty and savoury flavour worked out nicely for this one. I absolutely enjoyed it.

If you love your fish roe, you’ll go crazy over this one. The Triple Egg Udon ($9.80) comes with a beautiful Onsen egg sitting in the middle and bountiful amount of fish roe. It has a slight spice to it but with the flavours of fish roe, egg yolk and mentaiko mixed all together, I am very sure you will finish this entire bowl in the next few minutes!

Of course, there is also the Pesto Udon. It has a fragrant pesto smell, which sets it to a unique green udon noodle that you won't find elsewhere. It is quite light on taste, almost resembling a Spaghetti Bolognese. I would definitely recommend this for someone who wants an entry to appreciating udon, as this would be a dish that you can relate to easily.

Tamoya Udon usually prides itself for keeping the authenticity of Udon as you were to go to Japan and experience them yourself. While I personally am not a fan of Udon, this Dry Series was definitely a game changer for me. One thing's for sure, I would definitely come back for Tamoya Udon’s Dry Series.

Tamoya Udon and Tempura

177 River Valley Road,


Liang Court 1F,

Singapore 179030

Tel: 6337 0301

Opening hours:

Daily 11am – 9:30pm

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