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  • Nadya Woon

Marina Bay Sands and WWF Partnership

Marina Bay Sands has announced a landmark partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature in Singapore (WWF) to raise sustainability standards within Asia’s hospitality industry, starting with ocean conservation. 

According to WWF, Asia consumes two-thirds of the global fish catch, with Singapore’s per capita seafood consumption of 22kg exceeding the global average of 20kg. 

Through their Responsible Seafood campaign, Marina Bay Sands will not offer any seafood from the AVOID list of WWF’s Seafood Guide across its own F&B operations, which includes the popular red garoupa (a.k.a. coral trout) and blue fin tuna Marina Bay Sands currently procures 100% of its salmon, tilapia, prawns, mussels, lobsters and oysters from sustainable sources. 

Good on you guys, MBS! 

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