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Gyutetsu Teppanyaki, Sizzling Hot Stone - Japan Foods Garden, Shaw Center

Tucked away in a cozy corner of Shaw Centre, Japan Foods Garden is a cluster of stalls managed and lead by Japanese, who aims to bring you authentic flavours of Japan at affordable prices. And there isn’t a better time to visit as they introduce a brand-new teppan range at Gyutetsu Teppanyaki, as well as sizzling hot stone dons at their new stall, Sizzling Hot Stone.

Lets start off at Gyutetsu with their new signature dish, the Lemon Steak ($18.80). Streaks of Angus beef grilled right in front of you, the meat was succulent and were not overdone. The sweet and tangy lemon sauce goes remarkably well with savoury beef, making it hard not to want more.

I usually like my oysters fresh and with just a dash of lemon and Tabasco sauce, but I really enjoyed their Oyster Trio ($16.80). As the name suggests, they come with three different flavours, homemade butter seaweed, garlic chips and mentaiko, which was surprisingly my favourite. If you’re not fond of oysters, you might enjoy the one with mentaiko as the sweet sauce masks much of the oyster taste.

Look at that sizzling goodness!

Now with the Prawn Duo ($12.80), I not only got amazing grilled prawns but a bit of a show as well. Drizzled with the same homemade butter seaweed and garlic, it was cooked just right. The chefs also got to show off their skills with a little fire display.

Final item from Gyutetsu was the Pork Tonpei-yaki ($7.80), a Japanese omelette wrapped with cabbage and pork. Sweet, savoury and simple, this dish was so comforting.

Moving on to the new kids on the block, Sizzling Hot Stone.

I love eggs and the Oyako Don ($8.80) totally caught my attention. Mix the bowl well and you’d getting a bowl that resembles egg fried rice. The trick is to add only a little of the tonkatsu sauce that comes with it before you mix, and once everything is evenly tossed, you can add more to suit your taste buds.

The other don I tried was the Curry Don ($7.80), topped with a tonne of cheese. But with the amount of cheese and sweet Japanese curry, it can get real heavy real fast so best to share it with a friend. Unless you have a boundless appetite, then go right ahead, no one is judging.

It’s not often for one to enter a food court and find delicious and authentic Japanese food. With it’s quality dishes and affordable prices, Japan Foods Garden is a great place to visit when you’re looking for some Japanese cuisine before your movie.

Japan Foods Garden @ Shaw Centre

#B1-01, Shaw Centre

1 Scotts Road

Singapore 228208

Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm

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