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Chef-in-Box VendCafe, JCube

Sometimes when I’m on my way home, I’d drop by the neighbourhood mall and pick out something to eat. But when it’s the peak hour, everywhere is super crowded and you have to wait a long time till you finally get your food.

Well, here’s a solution for those of you over at Jurong. Chef-in-Box Vendcafe has just opened in JCube!

Singapore’s first chain of food vending machine cafes is making its first step into a shopping mall and will be launched at #PlayayJCube The Corner.

The self-service lifestyle zone comprises a carefully curated cluster of vending machines that combines dining, shopping and entertainment options, offering unprecedented convenience everyone.

That means, it’s not just hot food that you can purchase through the vending machines here, but also some knick-knacks, apparels, and even sing karaoke here.

There will be seven vending machines over at the café that will offer a variety of hot meals, snacks and drinks. Select your meal and receive it all hot and steaming in just three minutes!

Not forgetting, the food costs from $3.50 to $7.00 per item and are all halal!

Since it’s the Christmas season, expect three new Christmas dishes when you make your way to the Chef-in-Box VendCafe!

Till 31 December, make your way down to try:

Pumpkin Soup ($2.50)

Roast Beefballs with Pumpkin and Potato ($5.50)

Turkey Stew with Chestnut and Brussels Sprout ($6.50)

Chef-In-Box VendCafe JCube 2 Jurong East Central 1 Singapore 609731

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