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SAYBONS, Plaza Singapura

Ever heard of a modern, casual, yet chic French eatery that does takeaway in Singapore? Say what? SAYBONS! With its humble beginnings as a soup and crêpe kiosk at Plaza Singapura's basement in 2007, it has now expanded to three eateries, two long-standing kiosks and a third one to open soon.

In line with its 10th Anniversary, we have been invited to their Plaza Singapura outlet to indulge in their special lineup that will end 31 January next year.

We could smell the Escargot Gratin with 3 Cheeses ($11 for half a dozen) before we realised it was served and its distinct whiff of strong blue cheese wavered in front of us.

Made with Blue, Gruyere and Gouda cheese base and butter, it is paired with a well-toasted crusty French slice. In our honest opinion, if you have a preference for French cuisine, this gooey-goodness will hook you on the spot! However, it might be a tad salty for the Asian palette. If cheese is not your thing, you can most certainly go for the Escargot Garlic Herb for the beloved French must-have.

Having whet our appetite, we were introduced to the French Onion Soup v.10 ($8). Its light consistency was not overpowering and its subdued sweetness was a delight for the taste buds. SAYBONS uses sautéed red and white onions in its beef stock and herbs, resulting in a surprisingly fragrant soup.

We were treated to the 10 Years in Shots ($10) in honor of the selection of soups that SAYBONS has served over the past ten years. Ten different soups are served in shots to introduce the unique homely taste that SAYBONS prides itself over.

Featured in the shots are Seafood Bisque, Watercress Chicken and Wild Mushroom just to name a few. As the shots are labelled and numbered in accordance to the strength of the soup, we do highly recommend to try them in order for an elevated experience.

If you're a fan of crêpes, don't miss the Beetroot Crêpe with Sous Vide Chicken ($6.90) for it is both Instagram-worthy and delicious! The pinkish-hued crêpe is made with fresh beetroot juice, giving it a sweet tang. The crêpe had a soft and light crisp, and the fragrant pesto sauce along with sunflower seeds gave it delectable layers. But we felt that if the sous vide chicken was more tender and moist, it would've be parfait!

A heavier alternative to crêpes would be galettes and SAYBONS' Norwegian Salmon Aurora Galette ($14.90) does not disappoint. Created with buckwheat and wheat flour, the crispy galette opens another paradise for salmon lovers with smoked Norwegian salmon and salmon quenelles. A well salted dish lightly coated with Gouda would make for a savoury filling lunch.

Do try the Curried Pumpkin Risotto ($12.90) for an Asian take to this popular Italian dish! It is not only decently portioned with arborio rice, the pumpkin broth and slight hints of curry and cheese made for a sticky and gooey texture. However, do expect that the rice to be more well-cooked than the usual risotto to cater to customers' demand.

My personal favourite over here at SAYBONS would be the Rum and Raisin Flambéed Crêpe ($9)! Topped with toasted almond silvers and Myer's rum-loaded golden raisins, the crêpe were to die for. The scent was amazing and the combination of flambéed bananas and vanilla ice cream presented a sinful heaven. Although it is heavily hinted that some of the menu may be made permanent, we encourage you to drop by SAYBONS as we cannot promise that these dishes will be there after 31st January 2018 (which is the end of their 10th Anniversary menu specials). Bon Appétit! SAYBONS Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road #B2-32,

238839 Singapore Tel: 6884 9018

Opening Hours: Sundays to Thursdays: 9.30am to 9.30pm Fridays & Saturdays: 9.30am to 10pm

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