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TR Fire Grill, Pavilion KL

Ever tried Chicken with waffles? How about Zoodles? All the way from Florida, the sister restaurant to Tony Romas is the USA award-winning TR Fire Grill. I had the wonderful opportunity to try out their new and first international restaurant here in Pavilion KL.

TR Fire Grill is not about the juicy and chunky beef ribs you get over at Tony Romas, instead they have used a different and not so traditional concept -- it is an all American southern restaurant serving artisan-creative and unique signature dishes such as chicken and waffles, oven roasted chicken and more.

Also, TR Fire Grill is currently having a promotion for selected beers. Grab a refreshing RM10 beer with whoever, whenever! The happy house is from 10am-10pm (all day long).

TR Fire Grill first opened in KL in August 2017. Conveniently located just in between Din Tai Fung and TGIF Fridays on the top floor. With westernised inspired decor, you will feel as if you have stepped into a Beer-house in America.

From December until February 2018, TR Fire grill has a festive menu with great deals on sharing platters!

The wonderful staff at TR Fire grill started us off with their Cucumber Strawberry Freeze Mocktail (RM17). This freshly made juice was very refreshing. With a hint of lime, this drink is perfect to have together with the starter and mains.

Next, the bartenders showed us their tequila that they age in-house. They use a smoked honeycomb (See in picture above the black bar) which helps to give the tequila a smokey flavour. They usually age the tequila for about 4 days before serving.

For the starters, we got to try the Oven Baked Pizza Dip (RM25). Just take a look at that gooey and stringy cheese!

This dish comprised of five different types of cheeses baked with focaccia. All on top of a bed of beef pepperoni and vegetables with tomato sauce. This really captured the essence of a beef pepperoni pizza and was served with crunchy bread. A cast iron is used to cook and serve this dish to keep it warm, so your cheese stays gooey longer.

Also, you can customise your own baked pizza dip. All you have to do is just to choose your sauce and add on your desired toppings which is cooked in just two minutes. A similar concept to making your own pizza!

Next up was the Smoked Meatballs (RM28) which consisted of beef short ribs, brisket and chuck, topped with leek & onion beef gravy, and parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top.

For those beef lovers, I would definitely recommend this! It was very well cooked with a smokey barbecue flavour. They used the hickory wood to get the smell of the wood into the meatballs which makes it more flavourful.

In-between the starters we tried their popular ginger-curry milkshake (RM17). At first I was skeptical, because curry in a milkshake seems weird. But after my first sip, I was sold. It was so silky, smooth and creamy. Definitely on the heavy-side but you can't taste the curry much. Instead you can taste the hints of ginger and more of the milk.

The all-American Chicken and Waffles (RM36) is one of the main signature dishes here at TR Fire Grill. This famous southern dish was my favourite! As you would expect of American portions, it was huge and is perfect to share between two people!

To my surprise when I took the first bite, I loved the combination of the chicken and the waffles. You absolutely must eat the chicken and waffles together to really enjoy this! It was served with agave syrup which is a very healthy natural sugar from the cactus plant. I liked how the agave was not too sweet or overpowering as compared to, if they were to use maple syrup.

The waffle was crunchy (around the edges), fluffy and soft in the centre. As for the fried chicken, this was cooked to perfection. It was so crispy, tender and juicy.

Our second main dish was the Salmon & Zoodles (RM59). Yes, you read that right, Zoodles! Presenting a healthier yet yummy option is the perfectly cooked salmon and zucchini noodles served with agave roasted red peppers with cumin, feta cheese, cream cheese and pistachio in a Romesco sauce on the top. The sauce may look spicy, but it isn't at all.

Just look at that juicy medium rare rib eye eight spice rubbed steak served with mashed potatoes (made from real potatoes as you can taste the potato skins) and roasted okra (lady's finger) on the side. What a beauty!

At RM69, this all-natural Australian grained fed meat was very tender and enjoyable. An absolute classic and another favourite of mine. The okra was very fresh and full of flavour.

The last main dish we tried was the lemon spice rubbed oven roasted 1/2 chicken (RM34) with pumpkin basmati rice and broccoli spears. The chicken was absolutely delightful, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. This is perfect for family lunches.

For dessert, we got to try their famous and popular Chocolate Mayhem. And it was a mayhem indeed! I would definitely recommend this to all chocolate lovers and to share with a group of people.

Indulge in the chocolate cake with the coconut caramel sauce on top, next to it is the chocolate mousse with the snickers bar, along with espresso beans coated in dark chocolate served with coffee and chocolate ice-cream. After this you will indefinitely find yourself in a chocolate-coma.

They price this dessert according to the portion size. For the small it is RM26 and for the large is at RM46. This is every chocolate lovers dream.

At TR Fire Grill, your tummies will be satisfied. Although, a bit on the pricey end, it is worth every penny for what you get! Whether its just two of you or a large group, TR Fire Grill will definitely be a great choice for lunch/brunch and dinner.

TR Fire Grill

Lot 6.01.06 - 6th Floor (Between Din Tai Fung & TGIF) Pavilion

Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

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