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Superfudo, Holland Village

I don’t know about you, but I always have an issue picking out what to eat after a work out. I would want my work out for the day to be fruitful and not binge on something sinful.

Here’s where Superfudo comes in! Serving you healthy, yet yummy food that minus all the guilt.

They have a huge array of vegetables and meat for you to create your own meal. Also, all their meat here are cooked sous-vide style, that way, the meat retains all the flavour without being too dry!

To start, you can pick from Superfudo’s combination of foods – base, meat, veg and toppings – for a meal of your choice:

Veg Lite ($11) = 1 base + 0 meat + 3 veg + 2 toppings Super Balanced ($15) = 1 base + 1 meat + 2 veg + 2 toppings Carb Full ($17) = 2 base + 1 meat + 2 veg + 2 toppings Protein Rich ($21) = 1 base + 2 meat + 2 veg + 2 toppings

If you’d like extra servings, you can always top up $2 for a base, $8 for meat, $4 for veg and $1 for toppings.

Here’re some of the combos we tried.

Protein Rich ($21) = White Quinoa (base) + Beef (meat) + Chicken (meat) + Cauliflower (Veg) + Mushrooms (Veg) + Sous-vide egg (toppings) + ‘Bacon’ bits (toppings)

I personally loved the fact that quinoa was served, because it’s my personal go-to rice alternative. The beef is definitely a must try! Cooked sous-vide style, the beef was super juicy! The cauliflower came highly recommended and I too recommend this! It was chopped into bits and easily added a crunch to every bite.

Protein Rich ($21) = Artisan Sourdough (base) + Lamb (meat) + Beef (meat) + Carrots (veg) + Kimchi (veg) + Chickpeas (toppings) + Sous-vide egg (toppings)

I love bread and the sourdough was a nice base to pair with the meat. The bread was nicely toasted on the outside and soft in the inside. Made me want to drop a dollop of butter on it!

The lamb is another must try, I must say. Lamb is not an easy dish to cook and can easily come out dry and tough. But since it was cooked sous-vide style, it was so juicy and tender. I also loved that it did not have a very strong gamey taste.

If you want to add an Asian twist to your meal, the kimchi is definitely a great add-on.

Protein Rich ($21) = Baby Spinach (base) + Chicken (meat) + Perch (meat) + Mushrooms (veg) + Kimchi (veg) + Crispy Shallots (toppings) + ‘Bacon’ Bits (toppings)

If you’re on a low-carb diet, you can always opt to have baby spinach as your base to add more greens into your meal. Plus, if you’re staying away from red meat, don’t worry because there’s a huge array of white meat here too with the sous-vide chicken and perch (fish).

The crispy shallots were a great idea as a topping. Super crunchy, super tasty!

Super Balanced ($15) = Multigrain Rice (base) + Salmon (meat) + Broccoli (veg) + Pumpkin (veg) + Furikake Seaweed (toppings) + Meat floss (toppings)

If the Protein Rich combo is too much for you, you may consider opting for the Super Balanced. In this combo, we picked the multigrain rice as a base. Personally, I still prefer my white rice because of its smoother texture. But definitely, the multigrain rice would be a much healthier alternative to regular white rice.

The salmon I thought was superb! I’m usually quite picky about the way my salmon is cooked and this was done just right – not too soft and not too chewy. Plus, did you notice how I tried to add a little Japanese touch to this meal by adding the Furikake Seaweed toppings?

If you like a little bit of spice to your meal, check out Superfudo’s whole line up of hot sauces!

That’s not all! Superfudo has some heart-warming soup lined up in their menu.

The Mushroom Soup (right - $5) was very comforting and definitely a safe choice of soup.

I personally preferred the Meaty Oxtail (left - $6), which was bursting with beefy flavours and a hearty warm starter in the rainy weather when I was there.

Desserts are usually frowned upon when it comes to eating healthy. But fret not, Superfudo serves up a mean Matcha Bingsu ($5) that isn’t drenched in sugar. I absolutely loved that you can taste the slight hint of bitterness from the matcha.

And if it's your cheat day, the Nutella Hot Chocolate ($5) is definitely worth it!

Let your taste bud’s creativity run wild at Superfudo picking and matching all the different combinations of food to create your perfect meal.

And for those of you who’re gym members at Ritual, which is just a stone’s throw away from Superfudo, pop by here before or after your workout and flash your member card to get certain benefits!

Superfudo 15 Lor Liput, Singapore 277730

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday – 10am to 10pm

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