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What's for Christmas at Goodwood Park Hotel

When Singaporeans hear about Goodwood Park Hotel, the first thing that comes to their minds is amazing durian desserts!

Goodwood Park Hotel never ceases to come up with indulgent durian treats. The Coffee Lounge is introducing the new Bibik Santan D24 Durian Desert ($13++), which will be available on an ongoing basis for lunch and dinner.

The dessert is served in an oh-so-adorable ceramic durian husk, which you can bring home for just $25.50++ (including dessert) or $20 nett (jar only).

And for $38 nett, (excluding dessert) you'd even get to take home the ceramic durian husk with Spiky the bear, who's making a comeback!

That's not all, since many of you (just like me) are already counting down to Christmas, Goodwood Park has also joined in and is introducing to you their takeaway gourmet treats from 1 to 26 December 2017, which you can call +65 6730 1867 to order or even order online here!

There's the 12 Treasures Turkey ($268) that's good for a table of up to 10 people. The interesting thing about this turkey is the way it's cooked. Adding a little Asian flare into the jolly season, the bird is cooked with 12 main ingredients (or treasures) to represent each joyous Christmas day, such as roast pork, abalone, fresh chestnuts, lotus seeds and many more.

Then there's the Around the World in 'Turkey' Days ($128) that's good for up to six people. This deluxe platter comes with four turkey creations -- Turkey Bulgolgi Puff, Turkey Gyoza, Turkey Sriracha and Turkey Shepherd's Pie. Every pack will come with six of the first three items and a glass tray of the pie.

Next, there's the Roast Turkey Roulade with Pork and Chestnut Stuffing, Brussels Sprouts and Turkey Gravy ($168) that's good for four to six people. If you want a turkey minus the hassle of carving it, here's your perfect solution with this boneless alternative.

There's also a signature from the Gordon Grill's menu that you can also enjoy at home during the season. The Cold Capellini Pasta with Alaskan Crab, Ebi Caviar and Truffle Vinaigrette ($108) is good for about four people.

Not forgetting, the sweet endings to your nights!

'Tis the season for log cakes! Grab the Zesty Logs that comes in a pair for $52! You'd get to enjoy the Apple Mousse Calamansi Cream with Chiffon Sponge as well as the Carabe Chocolate Orange Scented Cream with Flourless Chocolate Sponge.

How about a log cake that's more suited to the local palette? The Goodwood 'Mao Shan Wang' Durian Christmas Log Cake ($69 for 500g; $77 for 1kg) is back again this Christmas! Because there's never a wrong time for durian!

Here's something cool that'll definitely bring everyone around the table. The Silent Night Sphere ($28) is a blue white chocolate 'orb' that'll melt to reveal hidden treasures in it after pouring over warm chocolate sauce.

Place your orders early on these yummy treats from Goodwood Park Hotel for Christmas!

Goodwood Park Hotel 22 Scotts Rd,

Singapore 228221

Xmas call centre: +65 6730 1867/68


Book online:

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