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Nitro Cold Brew Workshop, Mont Kiara Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

"The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always been at the forefront of caffeine fuelled innovation, and we've taken Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to new heights with our Special Coffee Brand," says Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia. She shared her knowledge with us on the new Nitro Cold Brew product.

Fiona describes the coffee as a deliciously aromatic blend with an intense caffeine kick which is something you have to experience for yourselves because words can't do it justice.

We were served a delicious high tea set filled with a wide selection of mini bagels, muffins and pastries which is available in store. This is a great spread if you are thinking of catering or having an intimate tea party as they will also deliver to your location.

We tasted the plain Nitro Brew (RM13.50), served in a beer glass. This is an exclusive Special Blend of premium Bali Blue Moon and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee beans with a chicory taste for a sweet and spicy effect. Adding nitrogen to Cold Brew is also said to slow down the degradation of coffee compounds. When coffee compounds break down, it makes coffee taste more sour and bitter, which is another reason why nitrogen makes your brew taste smoother. There is a distinct difference between a Nitro Brewed coffee vs your average iced americano.

However if you do not like to drink your coffee black, there is always the cold and creamy latte option (RM14.50). Fiona did mention that this goes deliciously with a shot of Baileys or Rum which is not available in Malaysia, but you can always take it home and add your own alcohol mix of preference.

So the exciting part of the afternoon came and we had a hands-on Barista experience. Do watch our Live Video demonstration here.

The Nitro Cold Brew is steeped for 20 hours then infused with nitrogen for an ultra-silky finish. The nitrogen enhances the natural sweetness of the coffee, giving it subtle tones of sweet toffee and caramel. It's stored in a keg and refrigerated under pressure so it can be served immediately, ice-cold and ready for consumption.

The flavours that I chose was a mix of coconut and vanilla bean which gave it a tropical vibe which I enjoyed very much.

With the absence of oxygen, coffee oxidises more slowly than usual, which means it will remain fresher for a longer time. Of course it still taste better by drinking it immediately.

The refreshing Nitro Cold Brew sensation that has taken the world by storm, is now available at 52 stores and counting in Malaysia. Do remember to hashtag #CBTNitroColdBrew & #coffeebeanmy when picking up your favourite Nitro Cold Brew drinks!

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