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Grazie, Boon Keng

Grazie is a quaint café tucked in the cozy neighbourhood around Boon Keng area.

Although it isn’t located in the bustling areas of Singapore, the café was packed with people enjoying their dinner.

They even have a booth table that was decorated such that it looked like a carousel.

To start, we had some Truffle Fries ($6.90). Riding on the truffle trend in Singapore, truffle oil is not just drizzled on the fries but you can find shaved parmesan cheese and tartufata (a type of wild mushroom) accompanying it.

Next, we tried the Mushroom Soup ($6.90) that came with a flaky and buttery pastry baked over the bowl. I personally didn’t gather any “wow-factors” from this dish but I personally found it quite enjoyable.

For the mains we decided to try some of Grazie's pasta.

The Seafood and Vongole ($16.90) was one of my favourites. Not too oily and the pasta was done just right. The best thing about this dish? The fine people at Grazie are super generous with the seafood. You'd definitely have enough to accompany every bite of pasta.

We decided to try a cream based one next. The Cream Bacon and Mushroom ($14.90) was, I thought, a good dish to satisfy your cravings for something creamy. It might be a little too heavy (or jelak) if you're not in the mood for something creamy, but then again, that goes with every cream-based dish.

We had the Fish and Chips ($15.90) too. It was really interesting when it came, because its friend batter was red. Turns out, beet root has been mixed in with the tempura batter to create this reddish tinge. I'm quite fussy about the way my fish is cooked and I thought this one was cooked just right. This will definitely be one of my go-to dishes when I come back.

I'm not big on steaks, but the Grilled Steak ($18.90) here was amazing. I loved how miso sauce was paired with the ribeye steak. It was something different and fortunately, I enjoyed it!

Desserts, desserts!

Grazie is coming up with a new menu soon and we got the chance to sample some of the new desserts.

Here's a scoop of Earl Grey Lavender ($5) ice cream topped with crumble and strawberries. Simple, yummy and affordable!

The Cinnamon Apple Pizza ($7) is what you'd get if an apple crumble pie marries a pizza. Thin crispy crust with sweet cinnamon apples topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Not something I could easily resist.

Have you walked in a waffle shop and wanted to try two different flavours of waffles but have to force yourself to pick one cause you can't finish two? Well, no problem here! Check out the Ying Yang Waffle ($10). It's half charcoal waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and hald buttermilk waffle topped with chocolate ice cream. Truly a delightful balance.

To wash everything down, we had the Yuzu Ade Soda (left - $5.50) and Lychee and Elderflower (right - $6). Depends on what you're feeling for, if you like something strong with a tinge of sourness, the Yuzu Ade Soda is for you. If not, the Lychee and Elderflower was light and sweet.

If you're ever around the area, do give this place a go. As far as cafe food goes, Grazie definitely one of the better places I've been to and isn't as expensive as most.


Block 34, Whampoa West

#01-79, 330034

Tel:+65 6291 1716

Opening hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays - 11am to 9pm

Closed on Mondays

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