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Greendot, Paya Lebar Square

I've always adored Greendot and their direction of bringing healthy, yet tasty vegetarian food to the table, which is usually a challenge considering they do not add any MSG or artificial preservatives to their dishes. As a person who loves his meat, it was also a challenge for myself to try these meat free dishes and actually enjoying them.

I had the Herbal Lion's Mane Mushroom ($7.90) and man, I could not stop popping piece after piece in my mouth. The whole texture, consistency and flavour resembles beef which makes myself as a meat love completely hooked to this dish even though it was really just mushrooms.

After that I tried their Crisp-fried Sweet & Sour Soya Nuggets ($7.90). Drenched in a robust sauce, I enjoyed that it was calling for attention with the different flavours from sweet, sour and spicy instead of just a normal boring vegetable dish that sits on the side.

The Golden Mango Yoghurt Sliced Konnyaku ($7,90) was like deep fried fish with creamy mango sauce minus all the guilt!

If all you really want is some greens, this Stir-Fry Broccoli and Creamy Pumpkin Purée ($5.90) is a sure winner! Stir fried and soused in freshly-blended pumpkin puree, tasty and healthy would definitely fit the description of this dish. I also like that it was crunchy, instead of being left all soggy unlike some other places.

Also, do give their steamboat a try which is something worth going for if you are dining in a large group

I'd definitely bring my vegetarian friends (and meat eating friends too) to Greendot for a try if I am in the area. Do note that these new dishes are only available in the Vivo City and Paya Lebar Square outlets only.


Vivo City Outlet

1 Harbourfront Walk

Vivo City


Tel: +65 6873 2301


Paya Lebar Square Outlet

60 Paya Lebar Road

Paya Lebar Square


Tel: +65 6702 2221

Opening Hours:

11:00AM - 10:00PM

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