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Sundaydotruck @ BHP Taman Melawati

On a rainy Tuesday night, a group of food trucks light up the carpark behind BHP and Caltex at Taman Melawati. Faris, the co-owner of Sundaydotruck greets us while his staff are busy setting up and getting ready for service.

Sundaydotruck is a family business started by Lina who is Faris' (far right) sister. She experimented with different flavours and textures in her home before venturing out into the foodtruck business. We got to try 6 different flavours that evening and boy, were we excited.

We started with the Victoria Sandwich (RM13), layered with a rich butter cake with strawberry compote in the middle. The meringue buttercream layering the cake was not overpowering, infact it was quite subtle. A good balance of flavours.

Next we moved on to the Nutella Red Velvet (RM12). Chocolate lovers you will definitely adore this combination and the cake was really moist and fluffy.

As we are chocoholics, we indulged in this baked Ferrero Nutella Cheesecake (RM15). It was really smooth and silky and it just melted in our mouths. This was one of our favourites.

Next we dived into the Devils Food Chocolate Cake (RM14). This was quite rich topped with Bueno Kinder, Malteser and not forgetting the salted caramel sauce.

This Banana Walnut Cake (RM13) was absolutely the BOMB! The consistency of the banana cake was extremely moist and surprisingly the cream cheese is one of the best frostings we have tasted in a long time.

This Pandan Gula Melaka (RM13) was one of the best cakes we tasted, hands down. It personifies Malaysian culture with the rich gula melaka bits topped with desiccated coconut on the top. Savouring this cake transports you back into the tropics instantly (if the weather doesn't do that first!).

Surprisingly we still had room for more after indulging in six different cakes. Be sure to visit them as they have more than 25 cake flavours to offer. All these cakes are made fresh daily, this is a great opportunity for you to order them for your next celebration.

We had such a great evening despite the rain and more customers started to rock up later on. It certainly felt like Sunday night in the tropics. Faris plans to expand the enterprise in the near future once the client base is more solid.


Opening Hours

8:30pm - 11:30pm

Monday - Saturday


BHP Taman Melawati

Taman Melawati,

53100 Ampang Jaya,

Selangor, Malaysia.

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