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Fry Pan Shokudo, Japan Foods Garden

Fry Pan Shokudo is the latest eatery to join the enclave of Japanese food options in Isetan Scotts' Food Republic. Its affordable prices and delectable katsu makes this an excellent option to consider.

Katsus aren’t usually my first pick if I’m ever having Japanese. When a katsu is too oily, or has a strong taste of reused oil, it gets cloy and ruins the meal for me. What’s wonderful about Fry Pan Shokudo is that they use fresh vegetable oil. The result is an almost oil free taste that doesn’t feel heavy halfway through your meal.

However, it could a little dry, as the dishes are not soaked in oil. But this is easily remedied with their tendon, tonkatsu and soya sauces available.

If you can’t decide from the wide variety of katsus, you can’t go wrong with the basic Pork Katsu Set ($9). The meat was tender and as mentioned it was practically oil free, the skin was light and crispy. Try it with the tonkatsu sauce and it becomes a perfect mix of sweet and savoury flavours.

The Saba Shioyaki Set ($9) was something I wasn’t expecting to be available at Fry Pan Shokudo. I was also pleasantly surprised by its large portion. I love grilled saba and I wasn’t disappointed the slightest. The meat was soft, juicy and comes off the bone with ease. It was full of flavour and my favourite part, the skin, was grilled perfectly. This one was very worth its price.

If Fry Pan’s set aren’t enough to fulfil your appetite, add on a Mini Karaage ($4). Its light and crispy skin and juicy meat makes it one of the best karaages I’ve had. I liked it especially when dipped with the tendon sauce. A full set version is also available if you would prefer something more complete.

Alternatively, there is also Assorted Tempura. Just like the katsu, there wasn’t any strong oil taste, allowing the flavours like the prawns and my favourite, the pumpkin to come through. The skin was light and crispy as it should be. It’s amazing quality for its price.

Fry Pan Shokudo certainly exceeded my expectations for Japanese Katsu. Its excellent quality and affordable prices makes it a great place to get your katsu fix. Give it a visit the next time your out for movie night.

Fry Pan Shokudo

Japan Foods Garden

1 Scotts Road Shaw Centre #B1-01

Singapore 228208

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