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Mrs Who, Johor Bahru

Mrs Who has easily become one of our favourite joints when we’re in JB for its clean aesthetics, really well streamlined menu and top quality food. The owner apologised for the lack of variety in the menu, but if anything, we find this to be one of our favourite things about the place.

Minimalist is the theme here across the board, hosting earthy greens and plenty of wood. You’ll feel right at home here as staff are friendly and the entire place exudes a welcoming vibe.

Mrs Who is a great place to head to on a sunny afternoon to unwind from the heat and humidity. Try a refreshing cooler like the mint lychee lime, a favourite of ours. The lychee and lime combination is always pleasant, especially on a super hot day!

But of course, we had to try all of their signature dishes. First up is the hot chick burger. Now, I have not often come across good chicken burgers, so I wasn't sure what to expect with their hot chick burger. But one bite into this burger and I was convinced that I had never tasted a better chicken burger. I loved how crispy the fried chicken was and the spices used to season the chicken patty had me questioning whether KFC truly has the best recipe for chicken. Paired with a generous serving of fries and a quirky side of watermelon, this dish proved to be a great opening to the meal.

Then we got to indulge in more of the chicken in their signature Who Fried Chicken waffles. The same chicken in the hot chick burger is used in this dish and I was so happy to be able to enjoy more of the tasty chicken in another dish. Paired with the eggs, a dollop of butter and some syrup, the crispy waffles and chicken was a winning combination.

The final dish also took us by surprise and blew our tastebuds away. The mushroom ragout was the perfect sauce to dip toast into. Though the consistency was a little watery, the taste and creaminess of the ragout was not compromised. Each bite packed a burst of flavour. We just couldn't get enough of the food here!

Thankfully, we left some space for dessert. There are currently only two desserts on the menu - the passionfruit stack and the popiah pisang. The passionfruit stack, though seemingly light, was actually quite heavy after we had finished half of it. The passionfruit was a nice touch, giving the dessert a sour twist that was nice to end the meal with. I loved how light the stack was (I think the fried sheets were popiah skins). It was an intriguing dessert and I was quite impressed by it.

As for the popiah pisang, this was an easy favourite and one that is so palatable, we couldn't help but finish the whole lot of it.

Overall, I have to say that I am really impressed by the standard of food quality and presentation that I saw here at Mrs Who. Not many cafes can live up to this standards and we are sure Mrs Who will be a hit for their outstanding dishes.

Mrs Who No 63 Jalan Tebrau,

Kim Teng Park,

Johor Bahru 80300

Open Tues - Fri: 2PM - 11PM Saturdays and Sundays: 12PM - 11PM Closed on Mondays

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