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Niku Katsumata, Duxton Rd

The 28-seater Niku Katsumata is a grilled meat restaurant hailing all the way from to Ebisu, Tokyo. Here you will find carefully selected, moderately marbled beef. Enjoy the exact quality of Japanese beef the same way people in Japan do. The meats are also cooked over crystals and a low flame, which ensures the meats remain tender and moist.

Choose between three different sets: Niku Course (S$98, six courses); Katsumata Course (S$128, seven courses); and Ebisu Course (S$168, eight courses). Each course comes with its own surprise. I had the privilege of trying out the Katsumata course, and let's check out what this course entails:

Starter: Simmered beef tendon and proscuitto with rock melon.

I think the rock melon was sweet and went well with the saltiness of the prosciutto. It is rare to find a restaurant that takes the effort needed to capture the balance of this dish. On the other hand, the beef had a slight gamey taste to it which showed it was very fresh and not marinated excessively. The beef was tender, almost like a brisket. The soup has notes comparable to Oden.

Appetiser: Assorted Homemade Kimchi with Marinated Vegetables

Unlike its Korean counterpart, this Japanese kimchi had a sweet aftertaste and did not come off quite as spicy. The accompanying bean sprouts and cucumber were fresh and nothing short of yummy!

Sashimi: Kagoshima Wagyu Beef and Liver Sashimi

The beef sashimi was very clean. It started with clean taste and ended with a smooth finish. It was definitely tender with a slight fattiness, which I think went well with wasabi. As for the beef liver paired with sesame oil, that was a delightful flavour to experience. The sesame oil created umami-like flavours. The aftertaste was also very pleasant and not overpowering.

After you've had all your starting dishes, here's where the fun starts with the Yakiniku, which comes with the following: Beef Tongue, Assorted Wagyu Beef, Black Pork Loin, Wagyu Beef Fillet. Here are some of my thoughts.

Beef tongue Dipped in lemon and salt. The beef tongue didn't have a gamey taste and you might also have a slight resistance chewing on the tongue.

Beef Inner Thigh Eaten with homemade sauce with pineapples and peaches, it was delicious. The sweetness of the sauce went well with the beef. It can also be eaten alone with some salt to open up the favour and true nature of the beef. I loved that the beef was very fresh, I was able to appreciate the quality of the beef

Beef Stomach It was tender and delicious with slight chewiness. Otherwise it was succulent and well balanced. Beef Hip Definitely had a gamey taste to it, but still a lean piece of meat. It was slightly chewy (probably to its cut), but of course, fresh like the rest of the cuts.

Wagyu Beef Fillet

This melted right in my mouth upon putting it in. It was tender and delicious, I couldn't get enough of it.

Black Pork Loin

While you generally have to cook pork well done to kill off most of the bacteria present, this was cooked medium rare. Extra care had been put in place to raise the pigs vegetarian and ensured that most of what it ate was clean, allowing for its medium rarity. I loved that the fats melted right in my mouth.

Towards the end, you are offered either: Wagyu Beef Curry or Chicken Noodle Torisoba. I chose the the beef curry, as I love Japanese curry.

Of course, after all that decadent meat you'd want something to clean your palate. I am sure you would be ready for the finale which is the ice cream. Go for their black sesame flavour which I would highly recommend.

With the price points that I've mentioned at the start, this is definitely something that you'd want to bring your significant other or family mainly for a special occasion. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that I would definitely want to come back again!

Niku Katsumata,

47 Duxton Rd,

Singapore 089511

Tel: 9162 7502

Opens Daily


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