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Hawker Heroes, Northpoint Yishun

Hawker Heroes, one of the latest concepts by Pezzo Group aims to preserve and celebrate Singapore’s unique and authentic hawker culture and heritage. Nestled in Northpoint Yishun, the first Hawker Heroes outlet features Hong Seng Curry Rice and Ru Ji Kitchen.

Let's have a look at what our young and passionate next-generation hawkers have to bring to the table.

Mee Pok Dry Noodles ($4.50), definitely one of my favourite Singaporean hawker classics. You can taste the freshness of the noodles, and on top of the that the mushrooms were prepared pretty well unlike a lot of other dishes.

If you are more of a fish person, you're in a for a treat with their award winning Fishball Noodles ($4.50) as each fishball and fishcake are 100% fish meat. It would be best to go with some chilli padi and soy sauce for a slight kick.

For chicken curry rice set ($4.50), I think the gravy was on point. If you're a person who loves a thick gravy with a santan taste, this is something to look for. I must say the potato was a great compliment to the whole gravy as, it was soft and mushy that is the perfect vessel to soak up all that gravy! The only qualm I had was that it was not as spicy as I had anticipated, which is disappointing for a person like me who loves spicy food. Though, the chicken meat was definitely tender, it would be best to bathe the meat in the curry for the best experience.

The fried chicken was alright on its own but best taken with the curry. The long beans on the other hand had some crunchiness, which provided some diversity to the overall texture of the dish. It is something you don't find often in long beans.

If you live in the north, do drop by Hawker Heroes! Especially with its affordable pricing, I can't really think of any reason not to give Hawker Heroes a try.

Hawker Heroes


Yishun Avenue 2


Singapore 769098

Open Daily:

7am to 10pm

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