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Catchfly, Ann Siang Hill

Ann Siang Hill and Club Street, both are spots popular for many to relax and have a drink after a long day’s work. Although, even if you frequent the area, you might miss this hidden little bar called Catchfly.

Situated below Coriander Leaf Grill and Screening Room, Catchfly is quite literally an underground bar. Stepping into the place feels like entering an exclusive club where secret agents meet to have a drink and discuss classified information.

Its warm back lighting, brick walls and exposed pipes in contrast with its velvety seating and parquet flooring lends its posh clandestine atmosphere of speakeasy bars during the 1920s in America. Right at the back of this cozy little room, you’ll find the back lit bar, the bright center piece of the place, displaying Catchfly’s wide selection of spirits.

The next thing that caught my attention was the music. Old school hip-hop, R&B, pop and rock hits, with a few of its contemporary counterparts filled the bar. Now I’m not saying that the music influenced my judgement in anyway, but George Michael’s Freedom is one of my favourite songs of all time, when it started playing, I can’t help but fall in love with the place.

And the good things doesn’t stop there. Let’s start with the food. Catchfly offers a selection of traditional American style dishes with their own twist.

I loved the Lamb Corn Dog ($18). The “lambdog” was smoky and the wild flavours of the lamb was never overbearing. The batter was light and fluffy, the jalapeño relish gave a nice kick of sour and spicy that complimented the flavour of the lamb.

The Kimchi Beef Chili ($21) wasn’t the chilli con carne I was expecting. Instead of a hearty and savoury gravy, an explosion of sweet and spicy filled my mouth. The dip was filled with juicy and tender beef chunks. The corn chips leave much to be desired but ultimately they are mere utensils to deliver more beefy goodness into my mouth.

Hanger & Kale ($29) is one of the mains that Catchfly offers. I thought that the sautéed kale with pine nuts brought out the smokey flavours of the beef. The meat was tender and just melts in your mouth. The beet purée really helped balance out the overall savoury flavour of the dish. If you love steak, you will not be disappointed.

Catchfly’s Lamb Chops ($28) brings a familiar western dish with a twist. The charcoal roasted lamb was smokey and juicy, which are the best parts of a barbecue that we love. The spicy harissa and yogurt, accompanied by the side of naan gave a Middle Eastern vibe to the dish. The naan was also super fluffy and crispy.

Onto the most important part of the night, the cocktails.

If you prefer a something sweeter, go for their Smooth selection. Pamper yourself with the berry sweet Self(ie) Adored ($23), which is based of the traditional clover club. Typically gin based, Liam Baer, the head mixologist, managed to reimagine a sweeter and more potent concoction but still keeping a slight herby taste with Bison Grass Vodka and Elderflower Liqueur. It’s one of the few sweet cocktails that I really enjoyed. And as the name suggest, you get a selfie with your drink! But is it a selfie if someone takes the picture for you?

Looking for something stronger? Check out the Revitalising section. My personal favourite is their Honey Badger ($22). Similar to the classic Penicillin, but with a Rosemary infused Bourbon as its base. Like a refreshing lemonade on a hot summer’s day, the adult version gives you a nice bourbon kick at the end. I would be careful with this drink, the subtly smoky bourbon blended really well with the tangy and sour bite of the lemon and mild herby and sweet taste from the chartreuse flavour, you’d forget there’s even alcohol in there. Definitely a drink I’d get over and over again.

Otherwise I’d suggest getting the Pretty Bird ($22), a tropical sweet drink, with hints of chocolate and is slight creamy. It was so pleasant that I finished the drink faster than I expected.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you should go for their Adventurous cocktails.

What stood out for me was the Choke and Smoke ($24). I’m not a big fan of negroni, which is what the drink is based on. Its smoky flavour is attributed to the single malt scotch based instead of the traditional gin. By the looks of it, you’d be expecting a sharp scotch taste but the brown sugar cordial and orange oil made this a balanced drink. For the sophisticated scotch drinkers out there, give this a try.

Now I love me some Mexican food, thus you can imagine the sheer joy to find out there’s a cocktail called Taco Truck ($22). It doesn’t get any more Mexican than a tequila and mezcal base. It’s deceptively tropical, first taste hits with a sweet and sour from the pineapple and lime. The tequila and mezcal compliments well with the chipotle and habanero shrub that slowly creeps up on you at the back of your tongue.

For the truly adventurous, why not try Salad Days ($24). Definitely not a sweet cocktail, it’s gin base gives it an herby flavour while the drop of smoked olive oil tricks you into thinking you might actually be having a salad. Gin lovers, definitely give this a try.

Catchfly has a knack for creating dishes and drinks that feel familiar but delivers a whole new experience. The quality of food and cocktails were exquisite. While it has a fancy and intimate setting, it exudes a warm and cozy atmosphere made possible by wonderful hosts. I had an amazing experience at Catchfly and I would definitely come back again.


12 Ann Siang Rd,


Singapore 069692

Tel: 6222 7183

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri

6PM - 1AM

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