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The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra

Do you love meat? How about an all you can eat experience with said meat? Well, you are in luck because The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra has got you covered.

With a name like The Carvery, you know you are in for some amazing cuts of meat. This is their second Great Meat Feast they are hosting and this year, they’ve brought even more delicious and juicy cuts from around the world.

Get your forks and knives ready, as The Carvery has brought to the table, four different choices of premium beef and two succulent pork for your dining pleasure.

The meats are slow-roasted and sparingly seasoned with salt and pepper to maintain the natural flavours of the meat (and truly, the only way to enjoy its full potential).

Up first, we have John Dee Beef from Australia. One of the oldest single family-owned farm and widely exported premium meats from Down Under. This had one of the most authentic profiles of beef I’ve had with a hint of a smoky flavour.

Next up, Black Angus from USA, one that needs no introduction. This was one of my favourites, as it was tender but still (just the right amount of) chewy, juicy and rich in flavour. The slightly charred edges gave it a bit of a smoky taste, giving you that on the grill experience.

Next we have the beloved wagyu. This Mayura Full-blood Wagyu from Australia, is full-blood wagyu as both the female and bull are of pure wagyu breed. The cattle for this meat grazed on calcium-rich pasture, and were fed with grain and chocolate. The fattiest and juiciest of all the beef, the meat had a sweetness and was incredibly smooth in texture. This one can get a little heavy so you might have to pace yourself.

The final beef selection was my favourite of the night. It’s only available on the weekends but let me tell you, it was worth it. This 28-Day Dry Aged Aberdeen Angus from the UK had a full, all rounded beef flavour. Being incredibly tender and juicy, every bite felt like perfect blend of juicy fat and smoky tender meat. It was so good on its own, it would have been a shame to add anything else to accompany it.

Now, on to the pork:

The Dingley Dell from the UK was cooked in a sous-vide method for 12 hours in apple juice, whole garlic, herbs of thyme, sage and parsley, giving it its sweet yet herb-y taste that masks any taste of pork. It was then encased in salt and baked to lock in the moisture, giving that incredibly tender and juicy bite. Just like the wagyu, it can get a little heavy so I would suggest adding a sprinkle a little salt to balance out the sweetness of it.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Bangalore sweet pork from Australia. Rubbed with a blend of coffee, cocoa powder, paprika and oregano, it gave the tender meat a sweet but complex flavour. Slow-roasted to perfection, its crackling, crispy, crunchy skin was absolutely titillating.

The Carvery also offers a wide selection of condiments to elevate your meat eating experience, some of my favourites were the Apricot Ginger sauce, Dijon mustard, the made-in-house truffle butter and Chili-infused salt.

Of course, as part of the buffet they offer a full range of courses to accompany the meats they serve for the day starting from salads, seafood, mains, all the way down to the desserts.

The Great Meat Feast is going on till the 22nd October 2017, it is an incredibly worthwhile experience that’s not to be missed.

The Carvery,

Park Hotel Alexandra,

Level 7

323 Alexandra Road,

Singapore 159972

Tel: 6828 8880

Open Daily:

Lunch: 12PM-3PM

Dinner: 6pm-10PM

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