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Kumoya x Miffy pop-up, Jalan Klapa

I first found out about Miffy, it was when I was in Netherlands and it happened to be Miffy's 60th anniversary and there were 10 feet tall decorated Miffy statues all around the country.

So when I heard Kumoya, Singapore's first halal-certified Japanese-French cafe, was collaborating with Miffy to create a Miffy pop-up store, I just had to be there.

Miffy, or known as Nijntje by the Dutch, is a creation of Dick Bruna. This cute bunny was born in 1955 and is a part of the childhood for most Dutch children. Miffy started out as a character in a children's book, teaching them how to play and even ride bicycles.

Starting today, make your way down to Kumoya (with your camera ready) and just be awed in all the cuteness.

There's even a Miffy photo booth with cutouts for you to pose and take photos.

Miffy merchandise is also available for sale here!

From today (5 October 2017) till 31 December 2017, make your way down to dine with Miffy!

And it's not just the interior of the cafe that has been decked with everything Miffy, it's in their food too!

Here's some that I absolutely couldn't resist.

Just take a look at this Miffy Original Orange Soda ($14.90)! It's a huge cotton candy Miffy! How do you drink this, you ask? You pour the small jug of soda over the cotton candy and it'll melt it straight into your drink, giving it a fizzy and sweet flavour to it.

Kumoya is also serving up colourful drinks made with Butterfly pea-flower tea. If you order any one off the drinks, you'd get a free Miffy coaster! (Butterly pea-flower tea is not suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers)

We had the Bunny Yuzu Delight ($10.90) and I thought it was pretty good. The yuzu was a good combination with the tea and I loves how the tea gave off a nice shade of purple.

The salted egg-yolk craze in Singapore is not about to fade anytime soon. Even Miffy has hopped on board and gave the Sunny Salted Egg-yolk Fries ($11.90) a bounce. Don't forget to dip your fries into the homemade salted egg-yolk sauce! Just delicious!

Miffy's head is a bun in the You, Me & Miffy Makes 3 Chicken Katsu Bun ($18.90)! I felt like a kid again eating this super cute mantou burger! The chicken katsu patty was so juicy and fried to a nice crisp! Definitely a must try!

When we previously came to Kumoya (before the Miffy pop-up), we had the Waffles with Sweet Shoyu Glaze Karaage Chicken and I did say that I would come back again for this. Lucky for me, they had this on the menu again, only this time the Wonderfully Waffles with Karaage Chicken ($21.90) had a Miffy smiling back at me.

Just as impressive as the last time, this has become one of my favourite dishes here!

The Awesome Miffy Orange Sponge Cake ($16.90) was a good way to end my meal. Actually, just looking at how cute the cake looked made me so reluctant to dig my fork into it. When I finally did, I had no regrets. The cake was moist and was bursting with orange flavours. The cakes here never seem to disappoint me at all!

There's always more space for dessert! And there was still some left for the Magnificent Matcha Azuki Lava Cake ($16.90). I was a little disappointed that "lava" didn't pour out when I cut into the cake, but nonetheless everything tasted really good. Make sure to eat the cake with the Hokkaido azuki beans and the creamy Hokkaido soft serve served with it.

And finally, a hot drink to enjoy over an after-dinner conversation. The Miffy Hot Latte ($8.90) warmed my super full tummy and my heart with its cute presentation.

Kumoya 8 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199320 Tel: +65 6297 3727 Opening hours: Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday - 12pm to 9pm Friday & Saturday - 12pm to 10.30pm Closed on Monday

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