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The Flying Squirrel, Amoy Street

If you’re just walking along Amoy Street, The Flying Squirrel is not a restaurant you can easily find. Tucked in one of the alleys in between the row of shops, I finally managed to find the place.

When I finally took my seat inside, something about the name of this restaurant was bugging me. Like I knew something it about it. When I finally did some checking (thank you, Google), I remembered.

The Flying Squirrel is opened by local singing duo legends, Jack & Rai. Some of you might be too young to know but some of their songs were played on the radio and were even soundtracks for some local shows.

The Flying Squirrel has a slight “Izakaya” feel to the deco and serves mainly Japanese food, though the restaurant’s name doesn't really suggests so.

Wind down from your long day at work with the Sake-tini (right; $17),a sake-based cocktail that will instantly melt away your stress. For those of you who'd like to keep yourself sober for the night, I'd recommend the a refreshing tea-based mocktail, the Passione Mertillo (Left; $8).

To start, we tried the Tuna & Avocado Tataki ($8). This was an interesting starter, with diced tuna sashimi and avocado mixed into a light wasabi mayo dressing that had a nice hint of sesame flavour.

We also tried the Salmon Tartare & Crispy Nori ($12), which looked really cool. But it kinda tasted similar to the Tuna & Avocado Tataki. I preferred this one better though, because of the crispy nori. The salmon tartare is served on top of the crispy nori. I would suggest that you eat it together, the flavours blend pretty well.

We had the Toma Salad ($16) which came highly recommended. A kind staff would come by and allow you to pick from four different tomatoes for your salad. I picked the yellow one, because it’s the sweeter one. And true enough, the tomato was really juicy and sweet.

I personally am not a huge fan of wasabi, so the salad dressing wasn’t a huge “wow” factor for me. But I can safely say that if you love wasabi, you’d like this.

At most Japanese restaurants, you’d be spoilt for choice with different types of sushi, maki and handrolls. Here’s not exception. That’s why I thought the TFS Signature Maki ($26), which is a platter of the signature makis here all in one plate, was a great idea for those of you who are always indecisive.

Among the lot, my favourite was the Negi Toro (first from left) and the Aburi Unagi with Chrysanthemum Petals (second from right). I think they all taste really fresh and unique. So, it just depends on which kinds of meat you prefer.

For mains, we had the Tiger Prawns ($35), which comprises pan-fried tiger prawns with homemade egg yolk mayo sauce and rice ball cakes. I liked how the prawns had a peppery flavour and wasn’t too overwhelming. It was a better combination when eaten together with the rice ball cakes and sauce.

But my favourite dish for the night was the Wagyu Burger Pate ($35). I swear, I am coming back for this! The meat was so tender and the red wine sauce gave it a nice sweet touch. I’m honestly lost for words when it comes to describing this dish (and that hardly ever happens). You’ve got to try it for yourself to know what I mean.

To end the night on a sweeter note, we had the Earl Grey Lavender Crème Brulee ($6). This was not on the dinner menu as it’s actually part of their lunch menu, but you can request for it if it’s still available.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of this dessert. Maybe it’s because I personally prefer a classic crème brulee with a vanilla custard base. I thought the crème custard was also a little dry, but I’m pretty sure that if you like earl grey based desserts, this would be something you’d enjoy.

The Flying Squirrel 92 Amoy Street, #01-02 069911 Singapore Tel: +65 6226 2203

Opening hours: Mon to Thurs – 11am to 11pm Fri – 11am to 12am Sat – 12.30pm to 12am Closed on Sundays

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