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Yatagarasu Yakitori, Circular Rd

With 15 types of pork belly wraps to discover, you'll be spoiled for choice with Yatagarasu Yakitori’s series of pork belly wraps, as it comes with a variety of ingredients from shiso leaf, lettuce, garlic, asparagus, bell pepper and cheese. You can find these brainchildren of Chef Kota Tanabe along Circular Road.

Yatagarasu Yakitori offers not only pork belly wraps, but also other barbecued skewers featuring chicken and vegetables, utilising different parts of the chicken such as the thigh, liver, gizzards, wings and many more.

Let’s discover what Yatagarasu Yakitori has in store for its guests, starting with the chicken.

CHICKEN SKEWERS (from right to left)

Thigh (most right): I started out with the thigh and man, I loved how it was so soft, juicy and tender that the meat just comes off when I bit into it. Unlike other yakitori joints where once the meat has been cooked, they leave them exposed to the open air rendering the meat tough and dry. This is definitely not the case here at Yatagarasu Yakitori as once the skewers are cooked, they’ll serve it to you right away!

Heart: I usually don't like chicken heart but it was well seasoned and I surprisingly enjoyed it. In fact, if they hadn't told you it was heart, you wouldn't have guessed it.

Chicken Fillet with Yuzu Pepper: While the meat was not fully cooked through, it was great, I really enjoyed the kick of the spice from yuzu pepper.

Liver: As for the liver, I found the liver taste too strong for my liking, even though they've done their best to mask the taste with their seasoning. This is not for the faint hearted!

Wings (most left): I liked that the wings had a crispy skin on the outside with soft and juicy flesh in the side. They only really season it with salt and pepper so that you can taste the freshness of the meat.

Shiso (top): Shiso is a type of Japanese basil. It was really fragrant and gives off just the right flavour that goes well the pork belly. Amazing!

Tomatoes (middle): The cherry tomatoes are amazingly juicy and explodes in your mouth. Do be careful as it's hot from being freshly grilled. I think it compliments perfectly with the pork belly strips wrapped around them.

Enoki (bottom): Normally when I order bacon wrapped enoki, I would expect that the enoki would end up somewhat burnt and it becomes so stringy that it gets stuck in your teeth. However, to my pleasant surprise they were grilled but not dried out maintaining its juiciness. Definitely a dish done right in my opinion!

Curry Rice: I never knew you could grill rice on a yakitori stick, but apparently you can. You can taste that the rice has been cooked thoroughly despite its thickness and that the curry has some sweet and spicy flavours.

Yakisoba: This was a unique idea of a yakitori. Fried soba wrapped inside of a pork strip, which was lovely and cooked just right. I like that the soy sauce wasn't overwhelming, allowing the soba and meat to be the main focus of the dish.

If you prefer something more filling, come down during lunch as Yatagarasu has a special menu featuring Oyako-Don -- eggs and chicken simmered in a flavourful dashi sauce, you know you're in for a real treat I personally I would prefer more chicken as the egg seems to be main flavour of the dish.

This is definitely one of my favourite Japanese places that has great food and great authentic Japanese ambiance. I will definitely come back again and bring friends along.

Yatagarasu Yakitori

72 Circular Rd


Singapore 049426

Opening hours:

Mon to Sat - 6pm to 12am

Closed on Sundays

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