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High Tea at The Regent Hotel, Singapore

On one very fancy afternoon, we went to Regent Hotel near Orchard for what seemed to be a promising High Tea. This was my second time ever attending an event like this and I was extremely excited, especially after hearing that the Tea Lounge had recently paired up with one of my favourite coffee places in Singapore - Common Man Coffee Roasters, and was looking forward to some delicious coffee.

The menu was plentiful, offering ranges of coffee and tea, both single-origin and blends, that would please any hot beverage lover; and for those of you that enjoy an extra kick together with your meal, a wide range of alcoholic cocktails were available, including really unique coffee-based ones!

I started out with their version of the Espresso Martini, which usually tends to go towards a strong latte taste, however upon trying it didn't come out as strong as I was expecting it to be, to be honest. I personally enjoyed it as I am not much of a coffee drinker, but for those coffee lovers this might be hit or miss depending on your preference.

Next I got to try their Islay Sour, which is their interpretation of a Whiskey Sour using Laphoraig as their base. I had anticipated for a really overall flavour to be really sour (as the name suggests) but to my surprise was really pleasant and citrusy. I almost ordered a second round because it was really good! I think this would be perfect for someone who doesn't like whiskey and wants something sweet to start with. The bartenders here at Regent hotel really know how to prepare their drinks!

The Afternoon Tea Set came with a 3-tiered display of various foods, some condiments, and the choice of 1 out of 4 unique desserts.

The first tier contained a variety of finger sandwiches - of which were all quite unique. Duck breast and lavender-infused foie gras terrine tarts, smoke Norweigen salmon with dill and lemon cream cheese, roasted wagyu beef on rye bread with black truffle, watercress crepes with Alaskan king crab, and Japanese cucumber with organic egg mimosa and caviar.

Out of all the finger foods, the only one I really loved were the foie gras tarts but I couldn't really taste the lavender. The roasted Wagyu beef on bread was fresh and juicy, while the Alaskan king crab crepe was fresh and yummy.

I was told that their quiches was the best part of the set. Although the egg flavours and tomatoes really did shine through the dish, I wished that they was more ham flavour to it to balance the whole thing out.

On the final tier, we had the Regent's signature scones - traditional butter scones and raisin scores served with Devonshire Clotted Cream, Strawberry Preserve, and Traditional Lemon Curd.

The scones were moist and buttery, together with the clotted cream made for quite an enjoyable pastry. Personally wasn't a fan of the triple combination of lemon, strawberry and cream, but I know I'm somewhat of a minimalist when it came to my pastries, hence the preference.

Last but not least we tried two of their more 'visual' desserts: The Golden Apple and the Coco-Melon Symphony.

Presentation-wise, these desserts were stunning, especially the Golden Apple. Made using the same techniques as glass-blowing, the hollow sugar apple was filled with ice yuzu apple compote, yoghurt espuma, hazelnut molasses crumble, olive oil sponge, and vanilla fromage blanc sorbet. The experience was definitely unique. The dish was made even more surprising by how the sugar apple was actually made out of a candy similar to pop candy! Giving it that extra burst of texture and 'feeling'.

The latter dessert also had its own element of 'performance', dry ice was added to the shotglass of coconut liqueur so that it would bubble and pop over the edges and into the bowl. The rest of the dessert contained coconut sorbet, melon, honeydew, cantaloupe and Japanese pearls.

Overall, I did have an enjoyable experience. And the coffee and teas were lovely... and a high tea experience here will be a treat for the eyes. Just expect that the meal will be a delicate one with light flavours, something of a midday meal.

Weekday Pricing:

Tea Set with 2 cups of Coffee or Tea - Adults: $48/person; Children: $24/person

with a glass of Prosecco - $63

with a glass of Champagne - $73

with free-flow Prosecco - $88

with free-flow Champagne - $108

Weekend Buffet Pricing:

Adults: $61/person; Children: $30.50/person

with free-flow Prosecco - $101

with free-flow Champagne - $121

Tea Lounge

Regent Hotel Singapore

1 Cuscaden Rd, 249715

+65 6733 8888

Opening Hours:

Daily: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm Weekday Afternoon Tea:

12:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri) Weekend High Tea Buffet 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm (1st seating) 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm (2nd seating)

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