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The Dark Gallery, Millenia Walk

The Dark Gallery is a new boutique café that offers more than just a place for great artisanal desserts, but also an art behind it. Many of its unique creations are accompanied with information on various cacao origins and flavour profiles that differentiate each interpretation. It’s named for their specific focus on dark chocolate and plays between balance of bitter and sweet.

You'll be treated to signature creations made from scratch that boast a wide source of chocolates from gourmet brands like Valrhona and Cosco Barry, to name a few.

We started with the Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte ($9), where you are presented with a beaker of frozen chocolate cubes, warm milk and hazelnut espresso. It was in a sense a deconstructed latte, which allows you to have some fun with your drink when you mix everything together on your own. I think that the combination of the chocolate, hazelnut and espresso delivers the perfect balance that the Dark Gallery promised.

If you want a regular hot chocolate, their Signature Chocolate ($7 Hot, $8 Iced) gives you the same blend of bittersweet dark chocolate.

With Singapore's warm weather, you can be sure to be cool yourself down with their Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter ($12). I suggest going from left to right, as the level of sweetness decreases as the percentage of cocoa increases, slowly revealing the natural bitterness of dark chocolate. What the Dark Gallery has done right is that they have made sure that the bitterness is never overbearing.

I loved the Single Origin Chocolate Pastries Platter ($12). Don't be fooled by its petit four presentation, as it goes to show that the Dark Gallery knows what they are doing. You are recommended to started off with the macarons which are light and easy, then build up the intensity of sweetness and bitterness as you progress towards the chocolate mousse. This was definitely one interesting ride in a platter!

The Chocolate Rhapsody ($18) features The Dark Gallery's signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate “soil”, mousse, meringue and cacao tuile. Definitely a dessert to share, and staying true to The Dark Gallery’s goal of bringing a balance of bitter and sweet, the ratio between velvety ice cream and crunchy topping was impeccable. I loved that this dessert was a play of both flavour and texture.

If you are looking for something really sweet, the Frozen S’more ($7.50) is for you. An 80% dark chocolate scoop in a large cube shaped marshmallow, lightly charred with graham cracker crumbs. It was like bringing a level of class to your typical s'more, just with a lot more ice cream.

Chocolates are generally a safe gift to anyone and their bonbon selection is no exception. Ranging from flavours such a mint, fig, passionfruit, hazelnut and many more, I believe that you'll be able to find one that will please the person you are giving to.

The Dark Gallery may be out of the way for some people, but they've got a subscription service available where their ice cream pints are sent right to your doorstep! I suggest inquiring directly with the outlet to gather more information on their available flavours as it changes from time to time.

For all you chocoholics out there, this is definitely a place to drop by for a visit. Just look at the chocolate tap below!

The Dark Gallery

Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-K5, 039596

Tel: 6255 0368

Opens Daily:

11:00AM - 9:30PM

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