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Radio Alice, London

I ventured out from Hoxton tube station and found Radio Alice to be a quick 10 min walk from the station. It had an interesting vintage vibe befitting of its atmosphere inside. I was really excited to try Radio Alice because their style of sourdough pizza was born in Bologna, Italy. Two brothers, Matteo and Salvatore Aloe started making pizzas in 2010 there and had decided to bring their creations to London.

I loved the way the place was set up inside and outside. There was cool wall art in the restaurant and a modern yet vintage vibe inside. The layout outside was relaxed and comfy with colourful chairs and greenery draping around the sides and top.

We started off with some Sourdough Bread with Butter and Anchovies (£3), Mortadella (£6) and Green Olives (£4). The bread was soft and delicious. The mortadella ham was really divine. I would definitely order that if I visited again.

I'm not a big fan of olives so it was't one of my favourites but I would say that they were quite delicious.

I was recommended by the waiter to pair the meal with their Gustonudo (£5.50 for 175ml) white wine from Costa Vescovato. It did go really well with the appetizers and the pizza, especially on one of the warmest days in London!

We had the Speck Pizza (£11.50) and the Aubergine Pizza (£9). Hands down, the Speck was my absolute favourite. It had speck (obviously :D), gorgonzola, fiordilatte mozarella, honey and walnuts. It was a breathtaking take on the white pie. I mean: honey, nuts, ham and cheese? C'mon!

The Aubergine did not really stand out, in my opinion. I was quite disappointed. The contrast between the two could not have been greater. The aubergine itself was deliciously flavoured and cooked until soft. But the tomato base was quite plain and lacked other flavours besides pure tomato.

However, both pizzas did have a delicious and light sourdough base. It was crunchy yet soft. I am craving it right now at 2am all the way halfway across the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as I write this. Radio Alice is also committed to using seasonal ingredients from responsible producers. I love restaurants that focus on not only the quality of their ingredients but the quality of the source of the ingredients. It makes me feel like I'm doing good to the world one bite of pizza at a time.

Their massive pizza oven is pictured above. No wonder their pizza is delicious!

I had the Cucumber Sorbet with Gin (£3.20 for the sober and an addition £3.20 for the gin) upon recommendation by my friend, Caitlin, who had been here before. Given that I don't like cucumber, I'm not surprised that I didn't like the sorbet without the gin because it tasted of just cucumber. It wasn't sweet in any way. But gin transformed the entire dessert and made it amazing, bringing out a muted tanginess within the cucumber sorbet. Loved it.

All in all, I need to come back to London for their Speck Pizza, white wine and mortadella. If you're in London, have a bite for me won't you?

Radio Alice

16 Hoxton Square

London N1 6NT

Tel: 020 7018 3656

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: noon – 11pm

Friday and Saturday: noon – 11.30pm

Sunday: noon – 10.30pm

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