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7 (foodie) reasons why you should visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful spot to visit - its vibrant city is steeped in culture so rich, you will find many things to do while there. But if you're a foodie like me, you will be visiting Hong Kong for more than its harbour and city views. Any foodie will find their haven in Hong Kong cuisine.

Personally, I find much finesse is thrown into Chinese culinary arts. After all, Chinese food culture is one of the longest standing cultures in the world. So when it comes to keeping up with modernity and trends, it is always interesting to see what the Chinese chefs throw into the mix while still maintaining the deep-rooted traditions.

That alone, is reason number 1 to go to Hong Kong to taste its unique offerings. I was lucky to be given the privilege to witness Canton-i Chef cook some classic Chinese dishes while it was presented by famous Hong Kong food personality Luk Ho Ming thanks to In Style ● Hong Kong campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to promote and highlight Hong Kong’s vibrant and unique lifestyle.

During the presentation, Luk Ho Ming also shared his culinary experiences to reiterate the culinary offerings of his country, which inspired me to create this list.

Reason #2: Never straying too far from home

If your tastebuds are already highly accustomed to the local flavours, going to Hong Kong won't leave you missing home too much. Flavours in Hong Kong are mimicked closely back home in Chinese restaurants such as Canton-i or Dragon-i, with dishes such as the slow-cooked dragon garoupa filet. Visits to these two establishments are a close indicator of how Hong Kong food would taste. But of course, nothing beats going to Hong Kong to get that real Cantonese taste and feel!

#3 - The weather permits for a varied spread

Hong Kong weather is really lovely this time of year, while it straddles the end part of summer and the beginning of its cooling Autumn months. As the temperature dips slightly, it is a great time to indulge in beautiful dishes such as a double boiled honey fig soup with sea whelk and pork lean meat, something that will whet the appetite and warm the body up.

#4 - It still isn't cold enough not to be able to enjoy desserts!

Even if it isn't as hot as the peak of summer days, Hong Kong is a great place to grab an icy cool dessert. What I personally love about Hong Kong desserts is that typically they don't come out cloyingly sweet. For someone who enjoys a something a bit more subdued for dessert, this double boiled coconut with natural peach resin soup and almond dessert was perfect for me. It is also the perfect example of how traditional ingredients and methods of cooking (like double boiling) can be modernised.

#5 - Dim Sum ALL DAY ERRDAY.

If it's one thing that can tempt me to break any fad diet I am on, it's dim sum. The steamy, hot dishes that range from siew mai to har gow to chee cheong fun to loh mai kai.... you name it, I'll eat it. Hong Kong is well known for its dim sum. It is a staple breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, tea time, whatever you want it to be. Hong Kong's rushed culture allows for diners to have a quick meal, it's almost like gourmet fast food (except so much healthier and tastier too!).

#6 - Roasted Goose. Enough said.

Okay, maybe not enough is said about this dish. We're accustomed to eating a lot of roasted duck and chicken back home but goose is less commonly found. Roasted goose is a juicy, succulent meat that should be savoured with relish every single time. And Hong Kong has plenty of it! In fact, Hong Kong has a Michelin star restaurant specialising in roasted goose. Need I say more?

#7 - Egg tarts and other baked Asian pastries

Yes, I have purposely separated this from dim sum as egg tarts and other Chinese pastries should not be overshadowed by dim sum. While they are commonly served together, egg tarts can also be found as on-the-go snacks in Hong Kong alongside many other pastries filled with meat, local jams and more. You haven't truly tried an egg tart until you've tried in Hong Kong.

Whether you're a winter or summer kind of person, Hong Kong has seasons that cater to all kinds of travellers. It's one of those all-year-round destinations that will always have good food waiting for you. But let's not keep them waiting too long. It's only a short flight away and with many budget air options, Hong Kong can be perfect for budget travellers too.

But for a taste of Hong Kong before your trip there, do look out for HKTDC collaborations with OpenRice on exclusive offers from over 50 Hong Kong food outlets. Promotions will start mid-October and run for a month.

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#InStyleHongKong #HKTDC #HKstyle #hongkong #cantoni #sunwaypyramid #sponsoredpost

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