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Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel: The Perfect Honeymoon Hotel

When you decide to marry the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, it's a huge decision. One that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's also one that comes with a lot of happiness and certainty.

With equal happiness and certainty, you sign the papers and sail off into the sunset. Or fly off to your honeymoon.

For me, things were a little less conventional. I've never been a very conventional person to begin with - I always danced to my own tune. My marriage seemed to dance to its own tune too... we had intended to fly to Yogyakarta for an anniversary trip, our first anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend.

But before we could even hit our 9th month, we got engaged and married shortly after. So what was to be an anniversary trip became a honeymoon. Or as I like to call it, our pre-wedding honeymoon.

The destination had been long set - since April. We had decided to explore Semarang, Borobudur (in Magelang) and Yogyakarta. The plan was the fly into Semarang, take a private shuttle to Magelang and then our rental car would meet us there and we would drive to Yogyakarta city.

Of course, when embarking on a honeymoon adventure, hotels play a BIG role in that. It sets the tone for your romantic getaway. That is why, when we chose to stay in the Borobudur area, we picked the most romantic hotel there - Plataran Heritage Borobudur.

All the Plataran properties are known for its timeless beauty and world class standards. But nothing could have prepared us for the stunning brand new Plataran Heritage Borobudur, the newest of the Plataran collection of hotels.

Upon entering the compound, we are driven down a long driveway, and we arrive in front of a majestic building, standing tall and proud.

The compound is expansive and beautiful. Everything is immaculately manicured. I can only describe the feeling of walking into the hotel as feeling regal and almost intimidated. Dressed comfortably in shorts and flip-flops, I felt a little out of place. But the friendly staff were sure to greet us with a smile and checked us in quickly.

You can’t help but to admire the gorgeous tiles, adorning the halls of Plataran Heritage Borobudur. The floors are so clean here, each step you take creates a slight squeak. Though the hotel is brand new, there is quite an old fashioned charm to it with its antique furniture and vintage vibes.

What makes it so romantic? Apart from its sprawling foyers and classy interior, the rooftop bar is a place where lovers rendezvous to watch the sunset over some bar snacks and a glass of wine. That’s exactly what we did.

After the sunset, we went down to their restaurant for a quiet dinner - another romantic place albeit more on the casual side.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, then just take a look at their rooms. We got a room facing the pool and when we walked into the room, we were just awed at its beauty. We thought we’d seen it all with the many hotels we’ve stayed at, but Plataran Heritage Borobudur takes the cake for one of the most romantic hotels we’ve ever been to.

A definite recommendation if you’re looking to stay in Borobudur (and we recommend you do, just to be able to enjoy the Borobudur temple a little longer and some other stunning natural sites around the area). For more information on Plataran Heritage Borobudur, visit

Plataran Heritage Borabudur Hotel

Dusun Kretek, Karangrejo,

Borobudur, Magelang,

Jawa Tengah 56553, Indonesia

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