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Mooncake collection at Bakerzin Singapore 2017

As the Mid Autumn Festival is drawing near, many hotels and bakeries have stepped up their game once again, creating exquisite and creative mooncakes to satisfy every kind of taste bud. 

Bakerzin has indeed joined in and satisfied many a palate as they introduce their Crème De La Crème Mooncake Collections this year.The collection features both the traditional classics, as well as unique flavours. Best of all, these mooncakes are handcrafted with low sugar lotus paste, an important point to take note of, for health conscious foodies and mooncake lovers!

You might want to consider any of the 8 exquisite collections that Bakerzin will be carrying this year. 

Bold Collection, only limited to 500 boxes ($66, 4pcs/box)

Flavours for this collection American Ginseng, Ginger, Tom Yum and Sakura Obi signifies health, well being, ubiquity, and distinct respectively. 

The American Ginseng mooncake will leave a bittersweet aftertaste and the ginger mooncake balances really well with the ladies taste bud. Both are best paired with a cup of fragrant tea to optimise the flavours. 

When you hear of Tom Yum, sweet and sour comes to mind. The flavour of this mooncake certainly reminds you of Thailand, a little ubiquitous as it is, but that subtle hint of spiciness left us lingering for more. 

If you are expecting some tantalising aroma and flavour, give Sakura Obi a try!

Supreme Collection ($60, 4pcs/box)

Containing both sweet and savoury mooncakes, this collection is the ultimate gifting choice for your loved ones.

You will find Chicken Bak Kwa Ren Mooncake, Tangerine Wu Ren Mooncake, and two Classic Melon Seed Mooncakes. 

Chicken Bak Kwa Ren Mooncake is blended with fragrant Bak Kwa and with a hint of citrus, this will be the absolute snack addition. 

The Tangerine Wu Ren and Classic Melon Seed Mooncake will give you a nutty crunch to its original flavour.

Signature ($62, 4pcs/box) and Premium Collection ($60, 4pcs/box)

This collection is the traditional classic - Premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake. 

Back by popular demand, the mooncake features a thick layer of perfectly cured and a generous amount of aromatic salted egg yolk in the centre. It will be satisfaction in every bite. 

The Signature Collection features four premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes, and the Premium Collection features two premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes and two Classic Melon Seed Mooncakes. 

Pure Divine Collection ($56, 8pcs/box)

Calling all snow skin lovers, these sweet pastel gems will invigorate you with tangy yet exotic flavours. 

Coming in four unique flavours, Cempedak Snow Skin (00% Pure Cempedak), Honeydew with Apricot Snow Skin, Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin and Yuzu Snow Skin.

All the flavours are really light and refreshing, and will bring about a sweet fragrance to your taste buds. What’s more, the snow skin is pillow soft, you probably won’t know its melted in your mouth. 

Majestic Collection ($70, 8pcs/box)

The true blue favourite, Durian Snow Skin Mooncakes, is coming into the competition of mooncakes as well!

I’m not a big fan of durian mooncakes, but according to one of my writers who swears by durians, the durian flavour is so rich and buttery, it will leave you feeling so hearty and satisfied.

Prestige Collection ($60, 8pcs/box)

Liqueur infused white chocolate truffle ganache, Prestige Collection features the Apple Vodka Snow Skin, Butterscotch Baileys Snow Skin, Coconut Liqueur Snow Skin and Latte Kahlua Snow Skin. 

My favourite would be the Latte Kahlua Snow Skin, as that hint of Kahlua liqueur lingers in my mouth, enhancing the aroma of the latte filling. 

Both the Apple Vodka and Coconut Liqueur Snow Skins has surprisingly light and refreshing aftertaste, which the Butterscotch Baileys is a tad sweet, but so velvety soft people with sweet tooth would be craving for more. 

Heavenly Collection ($56, 8pcs/box)

This box can only be described as when Yin and Yang meet. This heavenly collection consists of 4 black sesame based flavours - intense, rich and flavourfully roasted. 

You will feel that rich, roasted black sesame on the Black Sesame Snow Skin, while the Black Sesame and Butterscotch Snow Skin has an added sweet, buttery flavour which will give you a soft yet fragrant caramelised taste. 

If you fancy some bites in your mooncakes, the Black Sesame and Peanut Butter Snow skin will be the right choice for you, as there are crunchy peanut butter bits for you to munch on. 

The softness and lightness of the coconut egg custard from the Black Sesame and Coconut Egg Custard Snow Skin strikes a perfect balance with the black sesame. 

There are early bird discounts for these mooncakes when you purchased it by 10th September 2017!

DBS/POSB cardholders enjoy 15% off Bakerzin mooncakes, and Passion and SAFRA cardholders can enjoy 10% off. 

All orders are to be placed 1 working day in advance.

Do check out their website at to pre-order now!

If you'd like to purchase the mooncakes directly at the counter, do visit their festival booths at these locations:

  • Takashimaya : 31 August to 4 October 2017

  • NEX: 14 September to 4 October 2017

  • North Point: 20 September to 4 October 2017

  • Tampines 1: 22 September to 4 October 2017

  • Hillion Mall: 21 September to 3 October 2017

Self collection will be available in all Bakerzin and Nom La La by Bakerzin outlets in Singapore.

Bakerzin Singapore and Nom La La by Bakerzin Outlets

Century Square 

2 Tampines Central 5 #01-19/22

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 10pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Gardens by the Bay

18 Marina Garden Drive, #03-03 Opening Hours: 10am – 9.30pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 9.30pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Maju Avenue (Artisan Breads)

28 Maju Avenue Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 8am – 10pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

United Square 101 Thomson Road, #01-07/60 Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 10pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Tai Seng 18 Tai Seng, #01-03/04/05/06 Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm (Mon – Sun, PH)

Vivo City 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-207 Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun, PH)

Nom La La Bakerzin 9 Sentul Crescent, #02-04 Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon – Sun, PH)

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