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Grow your own food with Mushroom Kingdom

Jump in on the urban farming craze with a series of talks and educational seminars brought to you by Mushroom Kingdom, a flagship brand of Agrivo Mycosciences.

Learn not just how to grow your own food, but also the benefit of it.

The first talk “Grow Your Own Food” was held earlier in May this year which was extremely well received with subsequent requests by other institutions for Mushroom Kingdom to conduct similar events at their centres extending to January 2018.

To start your urban farming journey, you will receive you very own “My Mushroom Garden”, a DIY mushroom grow kit, when you attend the talk to give you hands-on experience in growing your own food. And with this, you’d start to realise that growing your own food isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Find out more about the mushroom grow kits or the upcoming talks here.

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