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Alrif Restaurant, Seri Kembangan

Alrif means countryside in Arabic, and that's the kind of atmosphere you get when you're at Alrif Restaurant.

With views of the beautiful lake, we just had to sit outside to enjoy the serene landscape.

It is relaxing to just sit there and watch the water taxis go by and the cranes and other birds fly in the distance.

What better way than to enjoy the view with some authentic Arabic food!

We were huge fans of Alrif Restaurant's Yemeni rice dishes. We tried the Alrif Mandi Lamb (RM20) and Alrif Mandi Chicken (RM12) and both were the standout dishes of the day.

The Alrif Mandi Lamb dish was incredibly-fall-off-the-bone tender! It was moist, soft, and cooked to perfection!

The dish was seasoned with aromatic spices and it was paired with a delicious tomato chutney that adds a freshness to the dish. If you love lamb, I highly recommend this dish.

The Alrif Mandi Chicken was just as delicious and tender. The chicken was seasoned well and was moist and succulent.

I also loved both the lamb and chicken mandi dishes!

We also tried the Alrif Mixed Grill (RM26) that featured lamb kebabs, lamb tikka, chicken kebab and shish tawook, served with a side of fries.

My favourite of the four meats was the shish tawook which had a lovely lemony garlic flavour. The fillets were moist and delicious and goes well with the accompanied garlic sauce.

The lamb tikka had a nice spice rub, but was a bit tougher than the slow-cooked lamb in the Mandi rice dish. The flavour was nice though.

Kebabs aren't my favourite because it always tends to be a bit dry, but these were cooked well and had good flavour.

I loved the hummus in Alrif Mixed Appetiser (RM16). It featured two different types of hummus dips - one made with chickpeas and the other with sesame.

Both had a good consistency and flavour and is paired well with the show-stopping Yemeni bread which is crisp on the top but is not too hard.

I can't tell you how good this freshly made bread is, and it is perfect for scooping up that lovely hummus! Once you get started, you can't seem to stop!

The Mixed Appetiser also came with two salads and a cucumber yogurt salad, which is a bit watery for my liking.

We also had Alrif Pizza (RM20) which is their take on a calzone. It was a hearty portion with a lovely soft pillowy crust and filled with minced meat, cheese, olives, mushrooms and capsicum.

For drinks we had a refreshing Lemon and Mint (RM8), PIneapple Juice (RM7) and Guava Juice (RM7). And we finished off our lovely lunch with an incredibly massive fruit platter (RM20).

Alrif Restaurant is a nice family dining venue with a relaxed atmosphere and lovely view. It is a bit tucked away in Heritage Residence, but it is worth a visit if you're in the area.

Not only do they serve up authentic Arabic food, it is also priced very reasonably. I would definitely be back for their amazing mandi rice dishes!

Alrif Restaurant

Address: Level G, 13/14,

The Heritage Residence, South Lake,

Jalan SB Dagang, Seri Kembangan

Tel: +60 17-624 5447

Opening hours: 10am to 1am daily

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