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Japan Food Town Machida Shoten, Wisma Atria

Are you looking to satisfy your cravings for savoury, soupy ramen in town? Look no further than Machida Shoten, an authentic Japanese ramen eatery located at Wisma Atria Shopping Centre's Japan Food Town!

Boasting its heritage from the Kanagawa Prefecture, Machida Shoten is Japan's top iekei ramen restaurant and after trying out what they had to offer, I wasn't surprised to see why.

We started off with their latest addition to their menu, the tsukemen, which comes in two flavours: Original ($15++) and Curry ($15++), each with their distinct and unique taste.

Its broth is made with their homemade blend of dashi, soup and special tsukemen sauce. The umami flavour it boasts is second to none! Peppered with diced char siew, I found that this dish is much more palatable and savoury than most tsukemen I’ve tried out there.

Just imagine dipping the noodles into the broth and slurping it up, it truly is a ramen lover's fantasy. Heavy eaters like me would enjoy the kaedama addition (an extra heaping of noodles for only $4++) or the Special Combo ($4++). If umami and al dente ramen is your obsession, I would heavily recommend that you try this dish. However, my only qualm is that the ramen noodles is too al dente and its accompanying cha-shu was not as tender as I expected.

After which, we tried their crowd-pleasing choice: the Shoyu Tonkotsu ($14++). With the essence of pork and chicken bone boiled to achieve the perfection of a rich, creamy soup and the addition of shoyu, it was clear to see why it is so well-received. The broth was rich in flavour and was so comforting and warm that it could even melt your ex’s cold and icy heart! With the option to select the hardness of your noodles, the flavour strength of your broth as well as the various add-ons, you’ll be on your way to your own ramen wonderland.

I personally would recommended to try out their iekei way of eating the Shoyu Tonkotsu for a more refreshing and savoury zing to your palate.

My personal favourite would be the Seasoned Iberico Spareribs ($14++). Its soft tender meat melts in your mouth like marshmallow and its grilled flavour was impeccably indulgent. Its aftertaste only leaves you wanting for more.

It would only be wise to make your way down to Machida Shoten and experience firsthand at what an authentic iekei ramen should truly be like.

Machida Shoten Wisma Atria Shopping Centre,

Japan Food Town,

435 Orchard Road, #04-40,

Singapore 238877

Tel: +65 6262 3214

Opening Hours: 11.30am-11pm daily

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