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Ginza Rokukakutei, Odeon Towers

Rokukakutei's Osaka outlet was awarded one Michelin star back in 2009 and now it has opened up an outlet in Singapore! Located in Odeon Towers, this outlet is helmed by Chef Hideyuki Tanaka who will offer patrons kushikatsu Omakase-style.

Kushikatsu are battered and deep-fried skewers of meat, seafood and vegetables, regarded as one of Osaka's soul foods.

Right here at Ginza Rokukakutei, trust Chef Hideyuki to only use the best of the best ingredients he can find, most of which are imported straight from Japan.

There are two menus to choose from here:

1. Omakase Skewers and Kushiage + Selected Wines Marriage ($134++)

Featuring: 20 skewers, veggie bowl, homemade pickles, fruit agar gelatin and bread

2. Kushiage + Selected Wines Marriage menu ($288++)

Featuring: A glass of champagne, veggie bowl, 15 skewers paired impeccably with two glasses each of white and red wines, homemade pickles, fruit agar gelatin, bread, dessert and espresso

At any time you feel too full to go on, you may request to stop and you'd be charge according to the amount of skewers you have consumed.

We had the second set while were here and I thought 15 skewers were more than enough to keep me full.

Plus, all that champagne and wine did get me a little tipsy.

Both sets come with a set of six dipping sauces and condiments for you to dip your skewers into. You will be served the skewers one-by-one and every time one comes, it will be placed on top of a piece of bread to soak up excess oil and the skewer will be pointed towards the recommended sauce for you to dip it in.

We were lucky enough to get a seat right by where Chef Hideyuki was preparing our dinner and we noticed that the chef was rapidly spinning the skewers as he was preparing the food. Apparently, this ensures that excess oil doesn't stick to the food, leaving it fluffy and less greasy.

Here are a few of the skewers we ate, but since its Omakase-style over here at Rokukakutei, you probably will not be served the exact same thing when you visit.

In my honest opinion, the ingredients used in all the skewers were indeed top notch and very well sourced. However, I was quite disappointed when every skewer that came was dipped in the same batter and deep fried the same way.

After a few skewers, I found it hard to keep eating because no matter how much excess oil the chef tried to shake off or how much the bread it was put on can absorb, it was still oily. It really felt quite heavy (jelak) after a while.

In between the several skewers, we were served some bread. Odd enough, I would say this was their saving grace as the cream they served was just delightful. It did help take the heaviness from my mouth and allowed me to eat a little more after that.

It was an interesting experience overall here, but I probably wouldn't come back again because of the way the food is served. But I'm certain that if you want an authentic kushikatusu experience, you should definitely give it a go.

Ginza Rokukakutei

331 North Bridge Road

#01-04 Odeon Towers,

188720 Singapore

Opening hours:

4pm-11pm daily

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