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Chef-In-Box World Series Launch with Chef Satish Arora

Chef-in-Box has launched its brand new World Chef Series, which is set to expand the brand's repertoire of meals with a total of 18 Indian-, Korean- and Thai-style dishes. With this series, local gourmands can now savour dishes whipped up by globally renowned chefs without having to travel and enjoy them at affordable prices.

What's also great is that the food has no MSG and is also halal.

The first phase to be launched is six Indian classics, conceptualised by legendary Chef Satish Arora. Hailing all the way from India, it was such an honour to meet Chef Satish due to his extensive experience in serving major names, including Queen Elizabeth II.

You'll now be able to experience amazing food right in your home when you order online through their website,

We started off with the Prawn Chettinad, really popular fare in South India. It's hard to believe this was served in a box as both the prawns and rice were amazingly soft and bursting with flavours.

The Chicken Korma has slow roasted spices combined with yoghurt, which is great if you are looking for something light.

I loved the Goa-style Vegetable Curry as it was filled with spices and flavours, and yet was not too spicy.

Chef Arora has also dug into his own treasure trove of recipes, left to him by the ancestors of the Arora household, to create the Homestyle Chicken Curry.

It was Chef Arora’s rendition of the Indian Butter Chicken with Cumin Rice has earned the praise of Queen Elizabeth II, who remarked it was the best she had ever had. There really is no way to describe this as the butter really shone through the dish as well as the spices and chicken that were accompanying the dish. You absolutely have to try this!

Get your Chef-in-Box right here now!

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