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Super Saigon, TTDI

Whenever I want to go for Vietnamese food, I typically wait to go to my favourite joint in Singapore - Mrs Pho. Not for the lack of the many Vietnamese places in Malaysia, though! I just love everything about that place in Singapore. But when we tried Super Saigon, I knew it would be like Mrs Pho - it would easily become my go-to spot for Vietnamese food in KL.

The premises are pork free, making it perfect for everyone to try authentic Vietnamese food. How authentic could it be? Well, one of the partner's wife is Vietnamese and she plays an active role in the restaurant - injecting as much authenticity as possible.

We absolutely loved the interior here at Super Saigon. The blue and white against the nature vibes here really makes it one of those places that you would enjoy a long brunch at.

Vietnamese coffee here is a must. If you're a coffee lover, then you will love how strong vietnamese coffee here is. The drip coffee is served as such (below) and if you like it cold, be sure to get it with ice. Even with the ice, the flavour of the coffee is still strong and sweet.

I've still not found banh mi as good as the ones I've tried in Vietnam but this one comes almost close. The bread is still a little tough for my liking and thick too, but the filling more than makes up for it. I'm not a big fan of pate but you can't really taste much of the strong pate taste that a lot of banh mis have. The flavours in this sandwich are well balanced with just enough kick from the fresh herbs that it doesn't totally overpower the tender chicken bits.

Of course, when you go for Vietnamese food, you're going to have to try the pho at some point. We love how clean the soup tastes - we enjoyed it very much. The noodles also came out perfectly. The beef is also incredibly fresh and well cooked (not over cooked at all!). And with a generous helping of the fresh parsley, it makes for a fulfilling dish.

My favourite dish to order at any Vietnamese restaurant is the bun cha - a "dry" noodle that you just pour a little chilli fish sauce over and enjoy with copious amounts of fresh herbs and spices. My favourite part about Super Saigon's rendition is their spring rolls that come with it.

In fact we loved the spring rolls so much that we decided to order a separate order of it so we could enjoy more of it.

Super Saigon is a great casual dining place that you can go back anytime for a good meal.

Super Saigon

28 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman

Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Open daily from 11:30AM - 11PM

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