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Enchanted Cafe, Rangoon Road

Tucked in rows of shops around Farrer Park is the cozy and quirky Enchanted Cafe. Drawing its inspiration from Alice in Wonderland (one of my all time favourite movies), the interior of the cafe is a burst of mismatch chairs and whimsical decoration that transports you straight into a scene out of the Mad Hatter's tea party.

It's not just in their decorations that fairy tales are brought to life, but also in some of their food and drinks.

This is by far one of the most magical drinks I've ever seen in my life (it's even sparkly)! The Sorcerer's Elixer ($9.90) looks like something brewing in a witch's cauldron. We hear that even the drink's taste will change the longer you leave it out. But it tasted so good, we finished it up so quickly. I especially loved the hints of lychee in this. If you want to know the rest of the flavours behind this, head down to try to figure it out yourself!

If you want something simpler and less fantastical, try Enchanted Cafe's Lychee Iced Tea ($6.90). I loved how Earl Grey tea was as the tea base, allowing the lychee flavour to stand out more. Plus, it wasn't too sweet, so I felt that it was a nice refreshing drink to have on a hot day.

Be a little adventurous and try the Iced Ondeh Ondeh ($6.90). Inspired by the all-time favourite local snack, this drink tastes exactly like the typical ondeh ondeh you would get off the market, bursting with pandan and gula Melaka flavours. The syrup used to make this drink was all made in-house. This is definitely another must try drink, I must say!

To start, we had Enchanted Cafe’s signature Ngoh Hiang Burger ($18.90). When I saw this in the menu, I thought that this was entirely bonkers! But then again, all the best things are. True enough, we saw (or rather, tasted) why this was one of its most popular dishes here.

The chefs here pride themselves in their work and passion towards cooking. Hence, a lot of things here are made from scratch in-house. Once such would be the patty for this dish. Firstly, the patty is marinated in Enchanted Cafe’s special black garlic sauce, which was made over 14 days! That means the chefs would non-stop be making this sauce every day. I loved how you can taste the five spice powder in the patty as well as the crunchy water chestnut.

I definitely have had one of the best Pesto Linguine ($15.90) ever right here. I’m usually not a fan of pesto sauce, but this was great. Maybe because the dish came with a generous serving of bacon. I really appreciated the baked almonds that were in the pasta, giving it a sweeter and nuttier flavour to it.

However, I did find the Pesto Linguine to be a little too oily for my liking. But when I questioned the staff here, they did say that it was probably due to their latest batch of bacon they got from their supplier as the dish isn’t usually so oily. I would definitely go down again to give this dish another try.

It's always brunch time here at Enchanted Cafe and we had the Enchanted Big Breakkie ($17.90). And oh, Enchanted Cafe, you were much more muchier and you lost your muchess with this dish.

Apart from the really creamy scrambled eggs which I absolutely adored, everything else I felt tasted alright but was quite oily and had a tough time trying to even get through half of the plate. I’ve never been a big fan of a big breakfast dish, probably because nothing here compares to the ones I’ve had in Australia.

And down to desserts, we tried a slice each of the Vanilla and Chocolate Crepe Cake ($7.90 per slice). I’m not a big chocolate person, so I found myself gravitating towards the vanilla-flavoured one. The cream was so soft and light! It was so easy to eat as it wasn’t too sweet either.

And as far as chocolate crepe cakes go, I’d say this was pretty awesome. I liked that it wasn’t too overloaded with chocolate and the plain cream gave it a nice balance so it would be too heavy (jelak) on the palate.

You can even order the whole cake at $85! But remember to call up and order at least three days in advance.

It was such a magical experience for me here and I’ll definitely come by again if I’m ever in the area!

Enchanted Café 88 Rangoon Road #01-04, 218374

Opening hours: Monday – closed Tuesday – 11am to 10pm Wednesday & Thursday – 12pm to 10pm Friday – 11am to 11pm Saturday – 10am to 11pm Sunday – 10am to 8pm

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