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Science Late: TASTE, Glasgow Science Centre

Have you ever wanted to go to a science centre where only adults were allowed in and there were no kids around to hog the cool interactive exhibits and exciting gadgetry? Well you're in luck cause Science Late is where it's at!

I've been to two Science Late events so far, the last one being the theme "Innovate" and the most recent one, "Taste". I'll be writing about the experience of my most recent adventures, exploring the wonders of food and taste!

Science Late is a monthly event hosted at the Glasgow Science Centre, next to IMAX. The tickets cost £11 for an adult to enter, and you can purchase it online or at the ticket counter upon arrival and after queuing.

First up, let's talk about the food they offer for dinner. The Science Centre has cafes and catering, however they didn't offer an incredible variety of food. What they had was a decent and simple amount of dishes between normal and vegetarian options at affordable prices.

I had the tomato and basil hot dog and a glass of white wine, which together costed about £9 in total. There was also the pork bratwurst with crispy onions available. My pals tried their vegetarian chilli with rice and lentil curry with mini papadoms and rice. I liked the hot dog, it was simple enough and I could finish it relatively quick so we could all get on with the fun awaiting us.

But then, while we were chatting, eating up our food and watching Jim the Magician pull some tricks from right under our noses (yes, a random magician was there to entertain people) the chefs of the Science Centre suddenly pulled up a few tables and started serving tasters of their experimental cocktails and crisps! It was super cool!

First one was a powdered Gin and Tonic eaten with candied cucumber. This was made by making the G&T into gel and then whipping it and dehydrating it into powder! Very strange. The second taster was a gel prawn cocktail. Yes, gel. I don't know how they happen to make things to gel though. There was also, yeap, you guess it, gel potato crisps and they were transparent!!! They made potatoes into gel and then baked them to a crisp for 10 hours. It was very unique and would totally be a top seller if it was being sold at some hipster cafe.

We then headed upstairs to catch the "Disgusting Digestion" show. It was basically a funny science performance about your digestion, and the scientists hosting the show would engage the audience to take part in challenges and experiments. It's especially entertaining after having a few drinks (haha).

Afterwards, we headed to a few tables where there were participating companies and groups showing of their food science related stuff. One table of scientists were explaining to us about "nano-salt" while another was trying to curdle soy milk with coffee. There's also a bar beside the tables to keep you well hydrated with a good buzz while exploring!

During this time, we wanted to join some workshops with Galloway Ice Cream or Drygate Craft Beer but we made the silly mistake of not signing up right after entering the venue. So tip of the day, definitely go straight to the space of where the workshop of your interest is being held and put your name down on the list they placed outside! We played in the exhibits available in the centre too!

So instead of participating in any of the workshops, we went to more free table presentations. We also did some Mashed Potato Sculpting which was pretty disgusting but hilarious at the same time! Have you ever caressed or squished mash potatoes? Neither have I, til that day.

Tennents also had a free workshop but since most of us have been to their tours or talks, we didn't attend it, but we did go for their beer tasting! We tasted most of their " " brews for the company " ". My favourite was the one called Black Tea as it was quite light and perfect for someone who doesn't really fancy beer, just like me. If you like whiskey, they have one infused with it, and it's quite smokey!

Let's not forget the guys over at Liquid Academy. They introduced some delicious cocktail mixes. My favourite was the Ultraviolet Daisy which was a refreshing and sweet gin-based cocktail.

We ended our night by dancing away at the Silent Disco, which was a rather strange but interesting experience. Still would go to a Silent Disco again though cause it was hella fun!

To conclude, I'd like to let everyone know that my friends and I enjoyed ourselves SOOO much! Not only were there exhibitions, workshops, shows as well as food and drinks to try, you can also explore the Science Centre itself and just remember what it was like to be a kid again! The next time Science Late is up at the Science Centre, go and check it out! You definitely won't regret it.

Glasgow Science Centre 50 Pacific Quay


G51 1EA Summer Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm daily Facebook: /glasgowsciencecentre Twitter: @gsc1

Instagram: @glasgowsciencecentre

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