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Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar, Bangsar

It's no secret that I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar certainly satisfies my sugary cravings.

As you walk up the stairs to (the very aptly named) Upperhouse, you are greeted by a large open space with lots of natural sunlight. There's art on the walls and a play corner for kids, it just radiates cheer!

Mirroring the vibe of the space, Upperhouse's desserts is simply happiness on a plate.

I am a chocolate lover, so it is no surprise that my favourite dessert at Upperhouse was Textures of Chocolate (RM25). I love this dessert because you can taste the richness of chocolate in different textures with crunchy honeycomb and toasted rice. The burnt honey ice cream was also to die for!

The Strawberry (RM24) dessert was also another favourite of mine. I absolutely love the sweetness and tartness of the strawberry sorbet.

It was paired beautifully with fresh strawberries, watermelon in spice syrup, light-as-air vanilla cake, crunchy rose meringue and a splash of bright green basil syrup.

I also love the Apple (RM18) dessert which is a bit lighter and more refreshing. It features fresh green apples, fluffy vanilla cake, a hazelnut crumb, chrysanthemum jelly and a fresh apple celery sorbet.

I absolutely loved the fresh and crisp apple that was thinly sliced. The jelly and sorbet were also unique flavours that worked well with the dish.

The Carrot (RM20) dessert features moist carrot cake, carrot jelly, cinnamon gel, honeycomb, raspberry tuile and burnt honey ice cream.

I like this dessert, but the cinnamon taste is a bit too strong for me. But other than that, I love all the textures and elements on the plate.

The Mille-Feuille (RM24) is one of Upperhouse's most popular desserts. Probably because it's so beautiful! It features thin and crunchy puff pastry, creamy orange milk chocolate mousse, spiced pineapple, almond biscuit and a very interesting hay ice cream.

That's right, HAY ice cream! It certainly gives off a grassy flavour, but it tones down the sweetness from the mousse. I actually like the ice cream, it gives the dessert a really unique flavour.

The Lemon (RM22) dessert is a bright and tangy one. It features an amazing lemon curd, vanilla sponge, crunchy meringue, lavender button, raspberry gel and creamy coconut ice cream.

The flavours certainly excite the palatte, and I am a fan of Upperhouse's lemon curd!

I also had the pleasure of sampling Upperhouse's newly launched Afternoon Tea Set (RM65). I must say, the tea set is certainly value for money. You get a lovely combination of savoury and sweet, and I loved every single thing on the stand!

The bottom tier comprises of Upperhouse's signature Cacao Ravioli with Mushroom, two types of sandwiches (pictured is Bacon Jam and Egg and Smoked Salmon - both amazing) and Parmesan Breadsticks served with a Capsicum Dip.

The two other tiers comprises of a myriad of fine desserts. There's Upperhouse's best-selling Mille Feuille, Macarons, Chocolate Pralines, Dark Chocolate Cake, Passionfruit Trifle and Raspberry Banana Bread.

All the cakes were moist and well balanced. I loved all the cakes, I can't decide which one I liked best!

For drinks, I tried a small tasting of Upperhouse's Green Tea Kombucha and Black Tea Kombucha (both priced at RM7 per glass / RM9 per bottle).

Kombucha is a fermented beverage of tea and sugar that is a good source of probiotic that detoxifies and improves digestion. It tastes sour and a bit vinegary, and it leaves you feeling fresh and cool.

I also tried Upperhouse's Hot Chocolate in a Cone (RM10) which is great to photograph, but a bit of a challenge to drink. Mind you, it was probably more a challenge for me because I started to nibble at the cone while drinking. Not a good idea! It will cause leaks!

But drinking challenges aside, the hot chocolate was rich and hearty, plus I love the crisp chocolate covered cone! Delicious!

Overall, all of Upperhouse's desserts were delicious. And the plating is so on-point! They say that you eat with your eyes first and Upperhouse certainly gives a good first impression with their beautiful plated desserts.

All the desserts were moist and well balanced, and I was told that all the desserts are made fresh everyday! So you don't have to worry about being served stale desserts.

About 90% of Upperhouse's menu is made from scratch, so you can expect lovely hand crafted desserts made out of fresh ingredients. It is like being served fine-dining styled dessert in a casual environment. I would definitely be back for yummy desserts!

Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar

27-A, Jalan Telawi 3,

Bangsar Baru,

59100 Kuala Lumpur

(upstairs, next to Alexis)

Tel: +6011-28720083

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday 11am - 10pm;

Saturday & Sunday 9am – 10pm;

Closed on Monday

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