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Tuk Tuk, Glasgow City Centre

​​​​Photo by Samad | Interior of Tuk Tuk

As a Malaysian living in Scotland, I have times when I'm just craving food that is jam packed with all kinds of spices and flavours. With that in mind, a couple of friends and I went over to the Indian street food restaurant, Tuk Tuk, along the hustle and bustle of Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow city centre.

​​​​Photo by Samad | This is what Tuk Tuk looks like from the outside.

​​​​Photo by Samad | A reminder to bring your own booze!

First this we saw was the sign outside that said the establishment had a BYOB policy, so we made a U-turn into the nearest Tesco (about 2 mins walk away) to grab a bottle of white wine and cans of Innis & Gunn for my pals. ​

Upon entering, you're greeted with the colour ORANGE. Yeah, the restaurant is SO ORANGE, but super funky and colours (ok it's not ALL orange) nonetheless. I didn't expect the space to be so huge and cheerful! It makes for a very Instagram-worthy spot if you're ever in for a night out and wanna update the gramz. Their selection of food is pretty decent and wide in range, while at the same time VERY affordable, especially for the amount that we ended up ordering!

​​​​Photo by Samad | Fun and inviting colours welcoming you as you enter! Also disabled friendly.

​​​​​​​Photo by Samad | The menu is quite big and has a lot of option to choose from! Go crazy!

We started off with Puri Yoghurt Bombs. It was basically a little package of yoghurt, tamarind, mint and covered with fried puri. I was quite confused with this dish as the combination of textures were a bit unusual. But worth trying anyway! It tastes good and who doesn't like fried puri? I'd say it's worth sharing with your friends before going for the main courses.

​​​​Photo by Samad | Puri Yoghurt Bombs

For our mains, we ordered a whole variety of delicious plates of food to try and share. From butter chicken to chilli paneer, gilafi kebabs, chicken 69 , masala chips and even some mixed grill (I'm sure there was more but I can't seem to remember everything). All this with a side of plain naan, garlic naan and steamed rice​.

​​Photo by Samad |

We ordered quite a lot of dishes to share with each other alongside some steamed rice and naan.

My favourite of all was the butter chicken! So delicious and creamy, especially with some steamed rice. The sauce/curry of the butter chicken was so rich and fulfilling! The portion was not huge but I felt that it was quite a good amount since it was quite a dense main. The chilli paneer was also a fave, although it does pack a spicy punch -- fair warning to those with low tolerance for spicy food!

​​Photo by Samad |

This mango kulfi pop was perfect to cool the body down from all that amazing hot spicy food.

For dessert, I got a mango kulfi pop which was perfect to cool myself down from all the spicy deliciousness! It's also pretty light and feathery as a dessert so you won't feel as guilty having this after devouring so many main courses. In terms of price, it was about £26 per person, however, you could definitely manage a meal for under £15. We just happened to order A TONNE of food that night (we had some left over to take home with us too btw) as we just couldn't manage to finish every dish.

Overall, I enjoyed Tuk Tuk. The service was okay although there's room for improvement as the staff sometimes seemed confused with orders. Nonetheless, they were still friendly and attentive!

I'd definitely go back to Tuk Tuk for a simple butter chicken and garlic naan lunch. Yummy! Just thinking about it now is making me salivate mmmmm.

Oh, they are also available on Ubereats and Deliveroo in case you're planning a lazy day at home to Netflix and chill with some delicious Indian food. Definitely give it a go guys! TUK TUK Glasgow City Centre

426 Sauchiehall St


G2 3JD


Sunday to Thursday: 12pm – 10.30pm

Friday to Saturday: 12pm – 11pm (closed Christmas)

PHONE NO :0141 332 2126

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